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Item No. 1 - 38th West street improvement
“Re-examine and Advance Sidewalks on 38th Avenue” was identified as one of Council’s priorities in the 2021-2022 Strategic Plan. This priority has been divided into two separate geographic areas: 1) 38th West (Kipling Street to Youngfield Street); and 2) 38th East (Wadsworth Boulevard to Harlan Street). The purpose of this memo is to provide Council with an update on the study for 38th West that is currently underway which is focused on adding adequate bicycle and pedestrian (bike/ped) improvements and improving stormwater drainage while still accommodating the vehicular traffic. This memo summarizes the public outreach that has been completed in association with Public Meeting #1 and the work that is being done in response to that outreach. Also included are next steps outlining what is being done to prepare for Public Meeting #2.


Item No. 1 - 38th West street imp. update ( 13.55 MB )
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