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City Council Meeting
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Item No. 4 - ORD - amend WR Code of Laws re: Telecom Srvc
The City’s code regarding the taxation of basic local telecommunication services requires revision. The current code is based on the false premise that Lumen (formerly US West, Qwest, and Century Link) is still the primary provider of telephone lines in the City. Based on this premise, competitors are charged a per line rate computed from Lumen’s number of lines and the flat occupation tax paid by Lumen per ordinance 1997-1072. Due to the rapid decline of land lines provided by Lumen, the per line charge to other providers has risen substantially. Furthermore, the current code is confusing as to how cellular lines are treated from a taxation perspective. The types and means of delivery of telecommunication services has evolved significantly since the City enacted its telecommunication occupation tax code in 1997. The current code does not reflect the status of the telecommunications industry nor is it consistent with Wheat Ridge’s municipal neighbors. Staff recommends an update to the tax code to ensure equity, simplicity, revenue preservation and ease of administration for both telecommunication providers and City staff.


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