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2 items Thu, Oct 19, 2023 at 6:30pm
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∙ Case: ZOA-23-10
Code Amendment Related to Billboards
The proposed ordinance updates Section 26-712 of the Code of Laws to repeal and reenact the City’s billboard regulations. The ordinance accomplishes several main goals: 1) removes the lottery process for vacancies, 2) establishes clear language on what constitutes an abandoned billboard, 3) reduces the maximum number of billboards within the City as they are abandoned, 4) provides a clear process for non-maintenance that could result in a billboard being deemed abandoned, 5) establishes a maximum distance between billboards and the highway, 6) adds that changeable copy signs are not allowed as billboards, 7) adds clarifying language to the code to ensure it is easy to understand and administer, and 8) amends the Official Billboard Zoning Map to have only one “billboard district.”


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