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City Council Meeting
9 items Mon, Nov 13, 2023 at 6:30pm
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Item No. 4 - ORD - rezone property at 3650/3660 Wads Blvd
Batt Cave LLC is requesting approval of a zone change from Restricted-Commercial (R-C) and Neighborhood-Commercial (N-C) to Mixed Use-Neighborhood (MU-N) for the properties at 3650 and 3660 Wadsworth Boulevard. The zone change will result in one zoning across both parcels, will provide a continuation of the MU-N zoning from the east, and reflects both the transitional nature of this location and the character of the Wadsworth Corridor.


Item No. 4 - ORD - rezone property at 3650 and 3660 Wads ( 0.35 MB )
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