City Council Meeting
City Council Meeting
12 items Mon, Jan 8, 2024 at 6:30pm
∙ Approved 8 to 0
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Item No. 2 - ORD - amend WR Code of Laws re LLA
City Council amended the City’s Boards and Commissions Code to create new regulations pertaining to term limits, unexcused absences, automatic removal, approximately equal district representation of board members, and Council’s ability to remove members among other things. While certain provisions extend to the Liquor Licensing Authority (LLA), amendments concerning term limits, district representation, and Council’s removal authority do not apply to the LLA. This ordinance will amend the Code to extend these provisions of the Boards and Commissions Code amendments to the Liquor Licensing Authority. Furthermore, it would establish that LLA members who move out of the district they were appointed to represent shall be removed in accordance with the process governing board and commissions members.


Item No. 2 - RESO - amend WR Code of Laws re LLA ( 0.37 MB )
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