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Item No. 2 - MEMO - Facilities Master Plan Overview and Recs
Development of the Facilities Master Plan (FMP) included tasks focused on visioning, data collection, analysis, and development of an implementation strategy to assess the city’s space needs for existing and projected facility requirements. The FMP is intended to be a “living document” that will be used as a planning tool. Therefore, specific moves internal to city buildings, and between locations, that have been outlined in this plan are preliminary. These moves and relocations, as well as the timing of such moves, need to be revisited over time as actual versus projected growth is tracked and staffing levels change. Each of the components of the FMP will require further fine-tuned analysis, detailed space needs programming and design efforts to move from master plan to implementation. Key findings of the FMP include space deficits within most buildings related primarily to recent and projected staff growth and to shortfalls in functional/operational areas in the Parks & Recreation, Police, and Public Works departments. Staff will present the process used to develop the FMP and the key outcomes identified as well as recommendations on next steps for implementation.


Item No. 2 - MEMO - Facilities Master Plan Overview and Recommendations ( 48.76 MB )
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