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Master Sign Plan at 13155 W. 40th Ave. (Lutheran Hospital)
A request for approval of a master sign plan for the new Intermountain Health Lutheran Medical Center hospital campus at Clear Creek Crossing which is zoned Planned Mixed Use Development (PMUD). The purpose of the request is to allow for internal directional signs and larger wall signs than code allows.
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Master Sign Plan Criteria
Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.
Per Sec. 26-708.D: 

Master Sign Plan
1. The planning commission may approve a master sign plan for any existing or proposed commercial, mixed use, or industrial development of at least two (2) acres or more in size which is under unified control either by ownership, legal association or leasehold.

2. The intent and purpose is to encourage well-planned and designed signage within a large multiple building or multiple use complex which expresses unification and integration by elements of architectural style, size, color, placement and lighting. An additional purpose is to encourage the elimination of existing nonconforming signs. The planning commission may grant as a bonus for well-designed plans additional signs and/or up to a fifty (50) percent increase in maximum square footage for each sign, and/or may permit signs in locations other than normally permitted, based upon a finding that the proposed master sign plan substantially meets the intent and purpose of this subsection relating to unification and integration of signage.

3. Once approved at a public hearing by planning commission, all master sign plans shall be recorded with the Jefferson County Recorder's Office and shall constitute a covenant and must be complied with by all owners, proprietors, lessees or assigns, whether current or future. No substantial variation from the plan shall be permitted without planning commission approval. Noticing requirements for a master sign plan process shall follow the procedures outlined in section 26-109.

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