City Council Meeting
City Council Meeting
10 items Mon, Mar 25, 2024 at 6:30pm
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Item No. 2 - MOTION - agree with Jeffco Schools Green @ 38th
Staff received direction from City Council in 2018 to engage a designer to develop conceptual designs for a community gathering space at The Green on 38th Avenue in front of Stevens Elementary. The final design is now nearly complete, and construction is scheduled to begin on June 1, 2024, when the school closes for summer break. Staff signed a nonbinding Letter of Intent with the Jefferson County School District which set forth the terms under which the District would convey the property necessary for The Green to the City in exchange for the City constructing a new parking lot for Stevens Elementary. The terms of the Letter of Intent have been incorporated into a Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate.


Item No. 2 - MOTION - contract with Jeffco Schools for Green at 38th ( 1.01 MB )
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