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Item No. 1 - MEMO - Ward Multi-Model Project
In 2022, the city successfully received a portion of the needed construction funding through the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) process to construct a pedestrian bridge over the RTD rail tracks near the Ward Station along with a multi-use trail from the south end of the bridge to the I-70 frontage road. To construct this project, it is necessary to acquire portions of private property from landowners. In total, property from fourteen (14) separate parcels must be acquired which includes nine (9) right-of-way parcels, seven (7) permanent easements, and seven (7) temporary easements. Staff are also proposing vacating a portion of the existing right-of-way, currently owned by the City of Wheat Ridge, to an adjacent property owner to reduce impacts to the acquisition of a portion of that property owner’s land. Since there are federal funds involved in the project, the city is obligated to comply with the policies and provisions of the Uniform Relocation Assistance Act process for land acquisition. The Uniform Act was enacted by Congress in 1970 (amended in 1987) to ensure property owners and tenants are treated fairly, equitably, and receive relocation assistance. Staff will provide an overview of the proposed land acquisition process associated with this project. Specific parcel and property owner information will not be discussed in this memo or in the presentation. If there is interest in receiving this information and discussing the city’s negotiation strategy, an executive session can be scheduled for a future date.


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