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Item No. 2 - MEMO - Short Term Rental Updates
City Council enacted legislation concerning the licensing and enforcement of short-term rentals (STRs) in February 2021. Since that time, staff has worked to implement the legislation by licensing STRs, collecting the applicable lodgers’ tax, and enforcing the codified regulations. At the regular business meeting on February 12, 2024, Councilor Ohm raised a concern regarding the exemption of townhomes in Mixed Use-Neighborhood (MU-N) zone districts from the whole home licensing cap and, with the support of other members of Council, requested the issue come forward for discussion. Since the STR regulations were put into place about three years ago, staff have additional suggestions for Council’s consideration that might support stronger code enforcement. This report includes suggestions to remedy the townhome cap exclusion in mixed-use zone districts, strengthen regulations for marketplace facilitators and align the annual license-cap reporting period to a calendar year.


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