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The use of illegal fireworks, including "professional" mortar cannon sized fireworks, in Wheat Ridge has grown exponentially over the last few months. There are explosions in my immediate neighborhood occurring all hours on a daily basis. On June 15th the police responded to several neighbor's calls of complaint for the use of mortar sized fireworks. Including myself. The police witnessed the use of illegal fireworks by young children at the address given to them in our complaint. There were several intoxicated adults also on site of the complaint address. The police did NOT issue a citation to the any of the adults at the home. The next night, as well as several nights since the residents at the complaint address have continued to use illegal fireworks. If our police department is not going to enforce the illegal fireworks laws or city noise ordinances these nightly explosions will continue to go unchecked. These nightly explosions are making Wheat Ridge an unpleasant , unhealthy & dangerous place to live. They are degrading the peace and are creating a great risk of fire danger and property damage for homeowners. Is the City of Wheat Ridge waiting until a child is killed or injured in an explosion or a neighbor's home is set on fire risking the lives of the people living within until some real action is taken to stop these incidents from happening? I propose an increase to $5000.00 for the use dangerous mortar sized fireworks in the city of Wheat Ridge. I further propose that any adult authorizing and giving a child any incendiary device be issued a citation for the same amount and required to attend child endangerment training with zero tolerance. These few residents are being allowed to create hazardous & mentally damaging living conditions for the majority of the residents of Wheat Ridge.
June 22, 2020, 11:59 AM
Jean Tomes
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