Item No. 2 - 2021 Budget Requests

2021 Budget Requests – Localworks, Wheat Ridge Business District, Carnation Festival and Sustainable Wheat Ridge
This is a recording of the August 17, 2020 City Council Study Session.


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Dear members of the Wheat Ridge City Council, On behalf of Mountain Shades, I want to say Thank You to the City of Wheat Ridge and the Localworks Business Adaptability loan program for your generous support towards small business during the COVID19 pandemic. This program could not have come at a better time for our business and our employees. Rather than feeling lonely and demoralized due to the virus, our company was able to build confidence and invest funds from the Business Adaptability loan program into our website and online sales. After a dismal April, I am pleased to report we had excellent sales May-July including record online sales YTD. Since 2008, we are proud to have our business located in Wheat Ridge. For those of you unfamiliar with Mountain Shades, we are a wholesale sunglasses and goggles Company with distribution across the country and in several international markets. We are located next to Down River Equipment in the Lakemont business park and have a strong commitment to our community and outdoor recreation. Lakemont is a great location with excellent access to the mountains, city, and bike trails and we are excited about the future development around the G Line light rail. During the peak of COVID19 we donated several thousand pairs of protective glasses and goggles to municipalities and hospitals for first responders and front line workers. Throughout our history we have always supported local events like bike rides, trail building and brew fests. We look forward to 2021 and beyond when we can all safely gather again and celebrate. Over the years, I have met many people from the City of Wheat Ridge and truly appreciate everyone’s support in making Wheat Ridge a great location for small business. Thank you to all members of the City Council, planning and zoning during the construction of our building, fire and police for safety, Steve Art with Economic Development, and Kate Cooke and Ashley Holland from Localworks. Please keep funding these important departments and programs for the health, well-being and future vision for Wheat Ridge. Sincerely, Bill Cotton President Mountain Shades Inc.
August 17, 2020, 11:33 AM
Bill Cotton
To the folks in Wheat Ridge City Council, Please know that thanks to the help of Jenny Snell and Localworks the 4400 block of Reed Street was able to clean up yards and garages for eight homes. It was a neighborhood effort and we all benefitted. We had dead weeds that a few of us had pulled from a Vietnam vet's yard because his knees are shot, we had multiple nasty couches that were in friends' backyards because it's hard to get to the dump these days. There was dirt piles that have started growing grass, there was trashy wood that attracted bugs and critters. And you know what it felt like to clean up something when the rest of the world is going topsy-turvy? It felt AWESOME! For once we were able to just pick up that one thing we'd stared at for months at home, we all have that thing, and we took it to that 20 yard dumpster and it was gone forever! Oh my gosh, this dumpster brought the street together, we found trash to fill it in because we could. People were able to talk and interact and enjoy the fact that this was something constructive - or destructive for that couch - but in a way that made us feel unburdened by that thing, whatever it was that had been bugging us. It was gone! My neighbors have all been stunned that this was free, but we all agreed it's a huge benefit because when I get the rare free time and go down to the Otis Street trailhead there is a lot of trash getting dumped down there. It's happening, not to complain about it that's just an observation, but this service with a dumpster means that none of us will ever consider that activity. We took advantage of a great offer and I encourage you to consider keeping it available because it really helps. Thank you for considering this opinion and I do understand if Covid influenced budgets mean you have to make tough choices, but consider which is cheaper: a dumpster or City employee's time to pick up and dispose of dumped garbage? Take care and thank you for your effort helping your fellow Ridgers.
August 17, 2020, 11:26 AM
Todd Hansen
I am writing to support the Localworks 2021 budget approval. As a board member, and an advocate for business and community vibrancy, Localworks is an essential partner for the current and future businesses of the city, and all that call Wheat Ridge home. With so many changes occurring in our community, now more than ever will Localworks be looked at as a guiding light to empower our businesses and community to stay connected, active and moving forward.
August 17, 2020, 10:37 AM
Stephen Atma
I would like to comment on behalf of the Localworks budget. My name is Holly Gralak. My husband, Ron, and I moved to Wheat Ridge in October of 2017. Being new to the community we wanted a way to meet people and learn about Wheat Ridge. After receiving a post card in the mail from Localworks, we decided that volunteering for their organization would be a good way to do this. We started that fall and continue to be active. Through our involvement we have made many friendships and become patrons to many businesses we may have never know about from monthly Live Local activities and festivals such as Brewfest/Criterium, and Ridgefest. Through word of mouth, many of our Golden and Arvada friends are now patrons. We want Localworks to continue to support our local community and businesses to make Wheat Ridge a great place to live.
August 17, 2020, 10:28 AM
Holly Gralak
These comments are in support of the 2021 budget request for Localworks. In these unprecedented times, Kate and her staff have worked tirelessly both in helping support our local businesses and in finding innovative ways to connect people to each other in the absence of public events. At a time when many of our local businesses are focused on economic survival, Localworks’ support programs not only are helping to maintain our local community but also to continue to improve our businesses and commercial corridors. Localworks’ proposed budget is reflective of the uncertain times we are in, while anticipating that things will not ever be thus. When we are able to come together in public places again, events such as the Criterium and Ridegfest will be a crucial element in helping the community regain a sense of normalcy. Overall, Localworks has consistently helped leverage public funds for the improvement and betterment of all aspects of public life in Wheat Ridge, and I hope Council will continue to fund their valuable work. Thanks for your consideration.
August 17, 2020, 9:36 AM
David Kueter
I am writing to support Council's approval of the 2021 Localworks budget. As a volunteer board member of Localworks, I have witnessed firsthand the ingenuity of the organization's executive director and staff, who all pivoted quickly in 2020 to ensure that our vibrant Wheat Ridge community - which was plunged into crisis - was preserved. Programs like the business loan program and Chalk of the Town were creative, quickly implemented, and hugely successful. In challenging times, cities have an opportunity to stand out through their efforts to support businesses, strengthen their residents' ties to the community, and maintain trust and transparency between a government and its constituents; I truly believe Localworks is the most economical investment by the City to ensure these objectives remain at the forefront of Wheat Ridge's continued pursuit of vibrancy and sustainability.
August 17, 2020, 7:44 AM
Celeste Tanner
Greetings! This is my fifth year serving on the Localworks board of directors, and I can honestly say I have never been more excited about this wonderful organization. I am continuously impressed with the way our Localworks staff and community were able to quickly adapt our initiatives to respond to the unique needs that 2020 presented. It was a true showcase of connecting businesses and community members with our unique understanding of how to meet community needs by leveraging the right resources. Our deep partnership with the city is clear with our alignment to the city strategic plan as well as our dedication to working closely with the city to plan and launch initiatives which drive engagement, increase participation, and enhance the sense of community. Wheat Ridge for me is home. It’s where I grew up and where I choose to live, work, socialize, and volunteer. Localworks is a key part of that and a major driver of a beautiful mission to build a vibrant and sustainable Wheat Ridge. I can see the tremendous work Localworks does in the community, and I am so proud of what the organization has accomplished and will continue to accomplish in the future with your support. I’m so disappointed to miss the meeting, but my father and I are taking a once in a lifetime trip up in Wyoming where there is no cell service or internet. I could write pages and pages about the importance of our mission and the marvelous work the organization does, but you already know all of that. Our Executive Director, Kate Cooke, will absolutely do a fantastic job at the presentation and I completely trust her and our staff. While I can’t be there to watch the discussion and show you my enthusiasm for the mission live, I ask that you fully fund this amazing organization so we can continue to position and promote all the things that make Wheat Ridge the place we call home.
August 16, 2020, 5:46 PM
Kelsey Robb
I hope that you will grant Localworks their full budget request. This is one of the best organizations in Wheat Ridge and the city is lucky to have such fantastic advocates helping to build a solid community as well as introducing the community to the businesses in town. The staff works tirelessly to provide everything possible to the citizens and businesses of Wheat Ridge. Every town would be lucky to have an organization like this to help promote it.
August 15, 2020, 2:02 PM
Susan Komers
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