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Item No. 2 - Noise Ordinance

Council Bill No. 17-2020 - an ordinance amending Section 16-103 of the Wheat Ridge Code of Laws, concerning regulation of noise
This is a recording of the August 24, 2020 City Council meeting.


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We five households on the 4300 block of W. 44th Ave. and the adjacent portion of W. 43rd Ave. appreciate the time and attention that the Mayor, City Council, and City Manager have given to the proposed revision of the city’s noise ordinance. As you are aware from our recent emails and public comments, we are working with the city government to improve the ordinance so that Wheat Ridge neighborhoods can be better protected against the stress and aggravation of regular and frequent periods of excessive noise. We are aware from living near 44th Ave. that businesses at one time or another may generate excessive noise, and we realize that this goes along with being adjacent to a commercial street. Occasional noise is one thing, but an ongoing business model of frequent noise disturbance extending into a residential neighborhood is something else. This is the situation our neighborhood has struggled with this summer. We residential homeowners do not hassle, inconvenience, or cause stress to nearby businesses, and we believe that nearby business owners should show us the same consideration. Commercial enterprises, like private citizens, should act with respect toward their neighbors. A business model of outdoor amplified sound events twice per weekend over a period of several months degrades the quality of life in the adjacent residential neighborhood, makes the area less attractive to live in, and may decrease local property values. That model is what we are living with now. We respectfully request that the proposed revision to the noise ordinance allow six and no more than six outdoor amplified sound events per year for a given business. We believe that this type of special use permit arrangement would be fair both to businesses and to adjacent homeowners. Neighborhoods bind Wheat Ridge together – please show them your support. Best regards, Steve Keller 4325 Iris St.
August 23, 2020, 2:24 PM
Stephen M. Keller
Council: My name is Mike Holt and I live at 4365 Iris St. My house is the most severely impacted by the noise of outdoor music at T-Bird Roadhouse. During the time the bands play, I cannot even watch TV in my living room, as the band noise is louder than the volume of my TV set. Over the years, I engaged, along with a neighbor, in a mediation plan arranged for us by the former police chief. This plan was violated by the previous business owner and never was enforceable. Now, with the proposed noise ordinance revisions, we have a possible solution that can give relief to me and my neighbors. Please support the limit of 6 amplified sound event permits per year. This will bring some relief to me as I try to enjoy my home. Mike Hult (Relayed to Moe and Steve Keller by Mike Hult; submitted with his permission.)
August 23, 2020, 2:22 PM
Mike Hult
As a Wheat Ridge homeowner and city resident for 45 years, I wish to thank the city council for addressing the consistent use of unreasonable noise in our residential neighborhoods. We are grateful for the carefully considered approach you have constructed and are encouraged that finally, after 9 years, we have a potential solution to unwanted noise! We support the 6 permits per year for the outdoor amplified sound event section of the proposed ordinance. This gives a business multiple day- long events through the year while the affected neighborhoods recognize that these events are exempt from the audible noise 50 feet from the property line and the noise being heard within their homes. Any more than 6 permits per year negates the whole concept that these are events and not a business model. The enactment of the ordinance on Sept. 11 would allow any business already engaged in outdoor amplified sound events to use these 6 event permits to finish out the 2020 calendar year, thus not disrupting their business. In our city, with two commercial cross streets adjoining residential neighborhoods on both sides, this ordinance is much needed throughout the city and will be much appreciated by the residents living in these neighborhoods. The specifics outlined in this proposed ordinance will also be much clearer to any establishment wishing to engage in outside noise and much easier to comply with. As you look to discuss and adopt the proposed noise ordinance, please do remember that stable neighborhoods matter and that responsible homeownership matters. The City of Wheat Ridge should remain a desirable place to live. We have invested in our homes and we value our neighborhood. Please support us; please support the noise ordinance as written. Sincerely, Moe Keller 4325 Iris St. Wheat Ridge
August 23, 2020, 1:22 PM
Moe Keller
Thank you for your action to save the peace & tranquility of our neighborhoods. Amending the noise ordinance will clarify the law & better enable enforcement. In particular, the Amplified Sound Event permit should be very effective. A maximum of 6 events per year may be stressful to a neighborhood but, with the proper notification & regulation required by the permit process, I believe it is do-able. Any more than 6 would be detrimental to the neighborhood and belie the concept of "special use". Again, thank you for your attention to our concerns.
August 22, 2020, 5:12 PM
Kathryn Jean Emmack
Thank you for listening to the needs and opinions of the residents of Wheat Ridge. You are our voice. The noise ordinance is rapidly becoming an essential safeguard in maintaining a compatible relationship between businesses and residents. Businesses need to conduct business in a manner that attracts customers, but this cannot be at the expense of the residents who proudly call Wheat Ridge home. I strongly feel that having the ability to host 6 special events annually is a good step in establishing this balance. It gives a business the opportunity to promote themselves while giving residents the right to determine their own listening choice and noise level most of the year. With a limit of 6 permits, residents are insured that the "noise" impacting their homes is truly a temporary situation, making it much easier to endure. Again, thank you for representing the people who truly do make this community home!
August 21, 2020, 2:56 PM
Shelley Pierce
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