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Item No. 5 - Specific Development Plan at 4990 Parfet st
Resolution No. 03-2021 - a resolution approving a Specific Development Plan (SDP) for property located at 4990 Parfet Street (Case No. WZ 20-03 / Axis 70 West). Note: This case is related to Item 2 and staff will present both related cases (Items 2 and 5) at one time. Refer to Item 2 for additional detail and for the staff and applicant presentations.


Council Action Form, Proposed Resolution and Development Plan ( 11.59 MB )
Specific Development Plan (SDP) ( 42.7 MB )
Specific Development Plan Review Criteria
Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.

Per Section 26-305 of the City Code, the planning commission and city council shall base their decision in consideration of the extent to which the applicant demonstrates that all of the following criteria have been met. An analysis of these criteria are provided in the staff report linked above.

1. The proposed specific development plan is consistent with the purpose of a planned development as stated in section 26-301 of this article; and

2. The proposed specific development plan is consistent with the design intent or purpose of the approved outline development plan; and

3. The proposed uses indicated in the specific development plan are consistent with the uses approved by the outline development plan; and

4. The site is appropriately designed and is consistent with the development guidelines established in the outline development plan; and

5. Adequate infrastructure/facilities are available to serve the subject property, or the applicant will upgrade and provide such where they do not exist or are under capacity; and

6. The proposed specific development plan is in substantial compliance with the applicable standards set forth in the Architectural and Site Design Manual, Streetscape Design Manual, and other applicable design standards.

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