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Major Subdivision at 7661 W 41st Ave/Sweetridge Subdivision

Case: WS-19-06
The applicant is requesting approval of a six-lot subdivision for townhomes on property zoned Mixed Use-Commercial (MU-C) and located at 7661 W. 41st Avenue. The property currently consists of one unplatted parcel. The purpose of the request is to allow for the six recently constructed townhome-style apartments to be platted as separate for-sale lots.

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Applicant Presentation

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Staff Report and Proposed Subdivision ( 6.87 MB )
Subdivision Review Standards

Approval of subdivisions are ministerial actions and have no discretionary review criteria. Subdivisions are required to comply with the underlying zoning and with the subdivision regulations in Chapter 26, Article IV. An analysis of the subdivision is provided in the staff report linked above.

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I'm in favor of allowing the units to be sold as as opposed to renting them, which is the last thing this neighborhood needs....more rentals. My main concerns with this development, along with the development at 42nd and Yarrow, are increased traffic and noise. I am already seeing a large increase in traffic from the 42nd avenue development; it's far too convenient for people to go south to 41st rather then north on Yarrow to 44th. The noise has increased as well with many cars/motorcycles having loud mufflers and speeding on 41st. This development on 41st will only add to the traffic volume and noise that I and other neighbors have to put up with. The other issue that I am already having a problem with is on street parking. That development has none. I know they have two car garages but how many people actually park both cars in the garage. This means people living there will be looking for other close on street parking. Their visitors will be looking for places to park as well. So far I've noticed that everyone who is looking at those apartments is parking in front of my house. It's not unusual to have two cars using all of the on street parking in front of my house. I can see a pattern starting...can't use my garage, park in front of other people's houses. I think this an issue that needs to be addressed now before the units fill up and Yarrow street becomes packed with their cars/trucks. I would like to see parking on Yarrow restricted to residents on Yarrow, possibly some type of permit required. I know this has been done in other areas of the city where parking issues have boiled over. Maybe residents of the apartments could use the medical building lot just to the south or use the lot just east of the apartments for their overflow needs. I really think this issue needs to be resolved before people start moving in and disrupting the people who live on Yarrow. There is almost zero traffic enforcement by Wheat Ridge PD being done in this area. The PD needs to start enforcing traffic laws on 41st west of Wadsworth. Speeding vehicles are dangerous to residents. The loud cars/truck/motorcycles are nearly constant and increasing. The police department needs to address these problems more energetically than they do now. Finally, there is a lot of stress on home owners in this area because of the high number of rentals and constant traffic cutting through the neighborhoods. These two newest high density housing projects are exacerbating the problems very quickly. I want to see the city address these problems in a meaningful way; address parking issues, speeding and other traffic problems, and noise issues. Thank you.
January 20, 2021, 8:34 AM
Mark Hester
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