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Item No. 3 - Short Term Rentals

Council Bill No. 02-2021 - an ordinance amending the Wheat Ridge Code of Laws to adopt a new Article XIV in Chapter 11 entitled Short-Term Rental Licenses and in connection therewith making conforming amendments in Chapters 22 and 26

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Dear City Council Members -- My wife, Patricia Barry Levy, and I support the short term rentals bill, Council Bill02-2021, for several reasons. First, short term rental (STR) of properties best occurs when the practice is well regulated. We believe the current bill will provide the necessary regulatory authority and tools to provide accountability of property owners offering STR and minimize if not eliminate off site impacts. Second, we believe there are positive secondary economic and fiscal effects within the City of Wheat Ridge that occur in addition to the direct revenue to STR property owners. City licensing fees may completely offset the cost of enforcement of STR regulations and perhaps provide additional city revenue. Visitors staying in STRs may very well shop locally. This is a plus for local businesses and for city sales tax revenue. Third, on a personal note, our house in Wheat Ridge is adjacent to the existing Roost Farm STR. The way Roost Farm runs its STR units represents the kind of well regulated ancillary business practices that I would expect from virtually all STRs in Wheat Ridge once this bill is enacted and fully enforced. So, for these reasons, we repeat our support for this bill and urge you to pass it.
February 22, 2021, 11:01 AM
Lloyd E. Levy
I am a WR resident & have provided short term rentals (STR) in my home for over three years. I have hosted guests from all over the world, from 1 night stays to several weeks. I have hosted traveling nurses, artists, yoga instructors, geologists, parents of students attending the School of Mines, parents visiting children who have moved to Colorado, PHD graduates who attended school together who meet up once a year at a different place to explore our country, business conference attendees, gig workers, veterinarians and students here to learn at the WR Animal Hospital, individuals attending concerts at Red Rocks, skiing at local resorts, exploring Rocky Mountain National Park and more. I have had guests cook me meals from their native country, send me photos from their trips to Colorado and leave me heart felt notes of gratitude for their stay here. One group of guests even left me a bouquet of white roses! I share these examples because they are contrary to the stereotypical STR guest(s) who are rabble rousers and partiers who disrupt the peace and quiet of our neighborhoods. I recognize that those types of renters are out there, but in my experience, they are not the majority. I've actually had the opposite experience in which my neighbors, who frequently have people over, play loud music & party until well past midnight have disturbed my guests. The regulations that currently exist for all property owners in WR in terms of maintaining one's property, adhering to noise regulations and being decent citizens should be adequate. I believe the goals of City Council members and STR operator/owners are the same - to be good community members and neighbors, and yet the regulations being drafted seem to play into the into the 80/20 rule where 20% of the people get 80% of the attention. Again, I know there are certainly renters who may be disruptive and cause issues with their neighbors, but as a STR owner/operator, it's my responsibility to screen my renters and manage issues as they arise, as positive experiences for me and my guests are important for my business as well as my neighbors. I know there has been discussion about prohibiting one night stays, so I'd like to comment on this as well. Given that WR is the gateway to the Rockies, I frequently have guests who fly into Denver late and need a one night stay somewhere homey and comfortable before heading into the mountains. It's naïve to think all 1 night bookings are for the purpose of a party and that by prohibiting them, parties will no longer be a problem. I encourage City Council members to consider ways to recognize, reward and feature STR properties that are good stewards of the community. Like many of my fellow STR property owners, I regularly refer my guests to local businesses and venues and it would be nice if the city could do something comparable for us! Collaboration is the key to positive and neighborly relations. The licensing fee and lodging taxes are also a concern. Not all STR rake in big bucks. I started out offering STR to pay for health insurance since my employer didn't provide it. When COVID hit, I suspended my listing for 7 months as it was the safe thing to do, and took a hit to my income. Piling on additional fees and taxes, particularly during this "unprecedented time," feels poorly timed and punitive to those of us who are trying to provide a home-like experience for our guests while bringing in a little extra income. Your consideration of my feedback and your service to the City of Wheat Ridge, is appreciated. With gratitude, Joanna Morken
February 22, 2021, 10:21 AM
Joanna Morken
Hi Council Members and Wheat Ridge citizens. I've been a citizen of Wheat Ridge for 7 years and I was just afforded the opportunity to buy a home in Wheat Ridge. The reason I had this opportunity is I own Gleam, a short term rental cleaning company. I started my company in January of 2019. We did six figures in revenue our first year because Colorado is a hot short term rental market. I paid around $11,000 in federal tax and just over $3000 in local tax my first year. Short term rentals equal revenue for everyone involved including govt. My company employs six people. Short term rentals create jobs for property managers, cleaners, and lawn care people to name a few. I've cleaned up after thousands of short term rental guests in Wheat Ridge. I've never seen anything that would cause me to believe that short term rentals bring the wrong crowd or are dangerous. Quite the opposite actually. I mostly see families on vacation or couples on a romantic getaway. Short term rentals are safe, create jobs and bring revenue to Wheat Ridge. I'm looking forward to our city adopting regulations that benefit its citizens like myself. Thank you for your time.
February 21, 2021, 7:45 PM
Katherine Case
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