Item No. 2 - Pedestrians hindering the flow of traffic

Staff has prepared two new ordinances regulating pedestrian behavior along roadways which are intended to reduce danger to persons and property, prevent traffic delays, and otherwise avoid pedestrian interference with traffic flow.
This is a recording of the May 17, 2021 City Council study session


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Please consider the safety of all parties when deciding on this matter. Although asking for help is the homeless persons right, I can’t find one honest reason as to why panhandling needs to take place in the middle of traffic putting their lives, their children's lives, their pets lives in jeopardy, not to mention the drivers trauma if they were to accidentally hit a homeless person, their child or their pets. As I mentioned in the last Mayors meeting on the homeless, a study out of Denver recorded high levels of carbon monoxide in the middle of the streets at traffic lights to be at unacceptable unsafe levels. Think of the child, the pets that are right at tailpipe height breathing those fumes for an entire day, because their guardians force them to be there, let alone the homeless persons themselves. Long term exposure to these fumes causes dizziness, impairment, central nervous system problems, respiratory problems and by allowing panhandling on medians its just adding more harm to an already impaired and unhealthy population. How can this be right? How is this keeping their safety in mind? Per Chief Murtha who himself recognized that some on the medians are under the influence of drugs and or alcohol and there have been accidents and verified deaths involving the homeless i feel we need to intervene and save them from themselves sometimes and I really believe that not permitting panhandling on medians a step in the right direction. Thank you.
May 16, 2021, 10:39 PM
Deann Thurman
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