Item No. 2 - Outdoor Rec Equipment on Private Property

Councilmembers Weaver and Stites requested a discussion at a study session concerning a potential regulatory structure for outdoor recreational equipment on private property. Staff has conducted a review of the applicable codes and policies in the City and in neighboring cities.

This meeting will be conducted as a virtual meeting, meaning no participants will be at City Hall. Provide public comment here on Wheat Ridge Speaks until noon on June 7, 2021 by selecting the agenda item on which you want to comment. Refer to the meeting agenda and “how to” document to learn more about participating in the live meeting or to view the meeting live or later.


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Wow. I was all ready to tell City governing members to stay away from private property, but after seeing photos (view photos on comment left June 4th) of the wood skate park, I am amazed that no permits were required on the building of this structure. Height? the balcony? and looks trashy under the deck--Code enforcement, administrative policies? Did the surrounding neighbors bring to the city's attention this structure while it was being built? While I truly believe government has no business being involved in outdoor play areas on private property this structure seems to be more aligned with code enforcement already on the books--administrative policy and good common sense as to allowance of the structure. I support some type of resolution on this structure but will never support government on private property. This is a structure type that is already on the books? so find a way to resolve this issue using existing powers, do not add more powers. Are the property owners "attending" the study session tonight? Thank you
June 7, 2021, 9:53 AM
Comments regarding impact of wooden skate park Half pipe structure W35th Place Wheat Ridge June 4, 2021 Our position: • This structure undermines the “sanctuary” of one’s home and inflicts an unreasonable amount of noise and loss of privacy on its neighbors causing undue stress and disturbance in an already turbulent world. • We believe the impact of this skate park half pipe structure on neighboring properties is way beyond that which can be considered reasonable in a suburban family environment. • This structure would be more suited in a professional skate park built for such a purpose. It is well beyond a “play structure” and is used predominantly by adults. • If this skate park is allowed to stay Wheat Ridge needs to consider where this could end? Is a roller coaster or theme park the next iteration? Noise: • The noise is clearly audible in both the back AND the front yard, plus inside the home and can continue for many hours. • The sound of small hard skateboard wheels rushing over the wooden halfpipe and its joints is considerably amplified by its hollow structure. This “whooshing” noise (similar to a train passing) is punctuated at variable intervals by a crescendo of crashes and clatters as the skater hits the opposite deck rotates in the air and either continues to ride down the ramp or crashes with a loud bang. The activity is accompanied by a considerable amount of yelling encouragement or condolences from the assembled three – eight skaters on the deck overlooking our back yard. • Because of the significant variety and intensity of noises, these are not sounds that you can just “tune out”. It is impossible to concentrate or relax in the home with the noise and the anticipation of the crash that will come after an unknown number of rides up and down the half pipe. • The noise from this activity makes it very difficult to work or study from home. Privacy: • This structure with its deck that is estimated to be 30ft high looks directly into our back yard and I guess could accommodate up to 8 skaters. It is very uncomfortable to use our back yard when the half pipe is in use. It feels more like a public space rather than our back yard. • The skaters “hang out” on either of the two decks and have a direct line of site into our yard and the upper and lower windows of our house from the one close to our house. We can hear skater’s conversation clearly from that height and distance and doubtless they can hear ours. One rider waived from the deck and asked how my day was going last week as I was working in the yard. • It would be difficult for anyone to hold a social function in our backyard with this level of intrusive interaction and associated noise from the half pipe. • The half pipe structure is also bedecked with a series of bright lights all along the periphery of the structure that are visible from our house. The skating activity is usually associated with loud music. • The upper deck of the half pipe extends an estimated 15- 20ft above our fence and now we face this imposing structure from our yard, patio and windows. Safety: • The upper deck overlooking our house and yard appears to be very close to the live electricity wires running parallel to the deck. • From our perspective it appears as if someone could inadvertently reach out and touch the wires? In addition, skaters often use momentum to “fly” off the side of the pipe and leap beyond the railings of the upper deck as they rotate and position for the return slope. It begs the question if one could lose control and crash into the power lines? • Studies have shown that unwelcome noise adversely impacts the mental and physical health of victims. I have no proof this has happened as yet but can attest to the fact that listening to the barrage of sounds is a disturbing experience, leaving one to “worry” about how long it will continue when the next event commences to spoil your day. In conclusion -there is no effective mitigation activity that we have found in dealing with this nuisance, we believe that this half pipe skate park structure is not suitable for a residential environment. Current and future residents of Wheat Ridge expect a level of protection from inappropriate structures that severely impact the quality of life. We deserve better!
June 4, 2021, 4:27 PM
Peter and Kathleen Baccarini
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