Item No. 2 - Strategic Priority – Review vision/mission

At the strategic planning retreat on February 20, 2021, City Council identified the need for a discussion about the mission, vision and funding of Localworks. Staff is requesting feedback on a proposed workplan to realize this priority.

This is a recording of the June 21, 2021 City Council study session


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Re: Localworks, Item 2, Study Session on June 21, 2021 Localworks was established as a quasi-official branch of Wheat Ridge City government to "Advance Wheat Ridge as a vibrant and sustainable community." It was initially called Wheat Ridge 2020, and then later Localworks. Much of what 2020 was initially founded to do has now been accomplished. The City no longer has foreclosed upon, empty homes with unkempt lawns in every neighborhood. Instead, our real estate is selling for premium amounts, houses have been flipped and renovated, and businesses have new, modern facades. Once empty lots and building sites are now developed into new apartment, townhome and condominium communities. In short, Localworks has fulfilled its mission--Wheat Ridge is now a vibrant and sustainable community. Our City has an active, accomplished Cultural Commission capable of taking over some of the Localworks' existing projects, such as placing works of art in the community, developing a artisan center, and hosting various art events throughout the year. Wheat Ridge now has a well-organized business group to provide assistance and advice to new businesses, to encourage business growth within our City, and to plan activities and events to bring customers to these businesses. This group also oversees a successful loan project to encourage investment in our community. As a citizen, I would like to know the total cost to our City of Localworks, including in-kind contributions from the City, cash contributions from the City to Localworks, and any grants from outside organizations. I've reviewed the tax form on Localworks' web site, but still have questions concerning salaries, rents and other expenses and how those expenses are paid by Localworks.
June 21, 2021, 11:58 AM
kathryn Havens
I believe the banks in Wheat Ridge should be the provider for loans. I believe that a 501c3 is not in the business of providing loans and that grants should be used if a non profit is loaning money. How does that work? Is there payback of the loans? At what rate of interest and payback time? Maybe at study session there will be specific details than what I read from the material provided thru the city webpages. Possibly my thoughts will be addressed at the presentation tonight. I also think that there are enough groups: WR Business District, WR Business Association, LocalWorks and the WR Chamber/visitor center, that it would make sense to place all of these types of WR groups under the Chamber of Commerce. Most people in the city or contemplating WR for their location, call the Chamber for knowledge and answers to their questions. Most citizens have knowledge of a "chamber" in cities and towns to use to access furthering their own businesses. The City should be "giving" money to where it is best needed for furthering the benefits of its citizens and businesses and economic development. Thank you, Vivian
June 21, 2021, 10:17 AM
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