Approved - 6 to 0.

Item No. 1 - Major Subdivision at 4100 Wadsworth Blvd

Case: WS-21-01
1. Resolution No. 34-2021 – a resolution approving a major subdivision with two (2) lots and dedication of a public street at 4100 Wadsworth Boulevard in the Mixed Use – Commercial (MU-C) zone district The applicant is requesting approval of a major subdivision with two (2) lots and the dedication of right-of-way for a public street. The property is zoned Mixed Use - Commercial (MU-C) and the request is to prepare a vacant portion of the site for development.
This is a recording of the June 28, 2021 City Council Meeting.


Staff Presentation


Vicinity Map ( 0.33 MB )
Staff Report and Proposed Subdivision ( 3.17 MB )
Council Action Form ( 3.46 MB )
Subdivision Review Standards
Approval of subdivisions are ministerial actions and have no discretionary review criteria. Subdivisions are required to comply with the underlying zoning and with the subdivision regulations in Chapter 26, Article IV. An analysis of the subdivision is provided in the staff report linked above.

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