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I live on the 4400 block of Yarrow Street. Our residents group has been trying to get speed bumps installed on our block for two years. We have submitted the required list of signatures from the owners of property on the block. The Wheat Ridge Police confirmed the speeding problem on our block last year. Our block is a major right of way from 44th avenue to the Yukon Court Apartments, so we have more traffic than a normal block in Wheat Ridge and we regularly have cars going full blast down our street, 50-60 mph is not uncommon. After two years of waiting, we need the city's help in getting speed bumps installed. Our neighboring streets already have speed bumps, and resident on the 4400 block of Zephyr told us theirs were installed very quickly after the city received the request. The block residents and I are concerned that once the Wadsworth project is started, our request will go to the bottom of the priority list.
June 27, 2021, 1:12 PM
Derrick Nedzel
My name is Valarie Abney and I live at 4455 Yarrow. Many of my neighbors and I attended an informational meeting 2 and a half years ago about installing speed humps on our street. We have completed all requirements and have been patient. Our patience is running out. The problem is now much worse with speeding cars and motorcycles all day and all night. 6 of us have volunteered to come and speak at the meeting to the Mayor about this as we are losing confidence that unless we begin to actively pursue this nothing is going to happen. 2 and a half years is more than enough time to help us with this. We would like to see it done as soon as possible.
June 26, 2021, 1:32 PM
Valarie Jeanne Abney
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