Item No. 2 - Lutheran Legacy Campus Master Plan Update

City Council was provided with the background on the Lutheran Legacy Campus Master Plan at a study session on November 2, 2020. On January 25, 2021, Council awarded a contract to MIG, Inc. (MIG), a professional planning firm, to lead the community through the master planning process. Study sessions were held in May 2021 with City Council and Planning Commission to introduce the consultant team, share the existing conditions scan, and preview the public process. The purpose of the August 16 study session is to provide an update on the project, specifically to share public input to date and to seek direction related to development of a preferred concept.
This is a recording of the August 16, 2021, City Council Study Session.


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This project will have a profound effect on adjacent neighborhoods. I ask the council to pay special attention to how the concepts have been designed and the potential impacts on existing homes. A transition from low-density residential at the project's edges to higher-density development at the center of the campus--as proposed--may not in itself be sufficient to protect neighboring houses. Consider Allison Court, which borders the SCL parking lot to the east. The grade differential between the homes on the west side of Allison Court and the parking lot is significant. Single-family homes built on that part of the campus--assuming they are constructed to their allowable height of 35 feet--would loom over neighbors' backyards on Allison Court. In this case, a transition zone must also include a substantial buffer area. The same holds true for homes on Zephyr Court--assuming West Pines abandons its complex and homes are constructed on that parcel. I commend the city for being proactive with this redevelopment. We all would like the site to become a well-designed and thriving development. I realize the final design will likely differ from the concepts presented by the consultant. Regardless of what actually may be built, however, established neighborhoods must be protected.
August 15, 2021, 3:12 PM
Chuck Moozakis
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