Item #1 - Affordable Housing

On September 13, the Mayor and City Council will receive a presentation regarding affordable housing from Susan Powers, President of Urban Ventures, LLC. Urban Ventures offers a variety of consulting services in real estate and community development. Urban Ventures focuses on healthy places, resilient communities, affordable housing and adaptive reuse and is deeply committed to building quality projects that address the rising demands of affordable housing. Affordable housing continues to be identified as an issue by Wheat Ridge residents. On the biennial Resident Survey, respondents were asked to rate the “availability of affordable quality housing” in Wheat Ridge. Only 37% of respondents rated this characteristic of Wheat Ridge as excellent or good in 2021, a significant decrease from 51% in 2012.
This is a recording of the September 13, 2021,  City Council Special Study Session

The  City Council Special Study Session was rescheduled for a later date.


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