Approved - 5 to 3

Item No. 2 - Outdoor Recreational Equipment Private Property

Chapter 26 of the Wheat Ridge Code of Laws regarding outdoor recreational equipment on private property (Case No. ZOA-21-02)
This is a recording of the September 27, 2021, City Council meeting


Item No. 2 ( 0.56 MB )

Comments & Feedback

I applaud the council's action and fully support the amendment which will improve the quality of life for many of us who have had to endure the actions of the few who believe it is okay to construct so called unregulated "play structures" without regard to the impact on everyone else who lives around them. Thank you Wheat Ridge council and members of the public for their support of this common sense approach to improving the quality of life and maintaining the value of homes for us all in the community going forward. Having said that, it would be better to restrict the height of structures to no more than the height of a standard privacy fence (6ft). The current proposal (12ft) would still allow fully grown adults using structures to tower upto18ft over a neighbors yard and impact privacy and noise at all hours of the day. Thank you for your consideration.
September 27, 2021, 9:43 AM
Peter Baccarini
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