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Item No. 1 - Multi-Hazard Plan 2021
Mitigation planning begins with the identification of the natural hazards that may impact the City. Once these hazards have been identified, risk assessments are conducted to determine the geographical areas that may be impacted by each hazard. The information from the risk assessment identifies vulnerable areas within and around the City. The last step is to identify potential future projects that will reduce the impact of the identified hazards on the City. The plan will need to be updated again in 2026. The public comment period for this update ended on June 25, 2021. A virtual public meeting forum was held in early June 2021. After public comments were incorporated, the plan was reviewed by the Colorado Office of Emergency Management (COOEM) and FEMA from July through September. FEMA approved the plan in mid-September pending adoption by the City and other partner agencies. The plan will be brought to Council on November 8, 2021, for adoption.


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