Approved - Both cases approved 5-0

Site Plan and Subdivision at 4000-4066 Upham Street

Case: PBG-21-02 & WS-21-06
Request for approval of a site plan (PBG) with 11 two-story buildings (22 total units) in the Residential-Three (R-3) zone district. A major subdivision accompanies the request allowing each unit to be sold separately and to plat common area tracts and easements. The purpose of the request is to prepare the site for development allowed by the R-3 zone district.
This meeting will be conducted as a virtual meeting and in person in City Council Chambers (7500 W. 29th Avenue) if allowed to meet in person on that date per COVID-19 restrictions. Provide public comment here on Wheat Ridge Speaks until noon on December 15 (the day before the meeting) by selecting the agenda item on which you want to comment. 

Refer to the meeting agenda and "how to" document to learn more about participating in the live meeting or to view the meeting live or later. 


Applicant Presentation

Staff Presentation


Staff Report with Proposed Site Plan ( 15.9 MB )
Staff Report with Proposed Subdivision ( 4.88 MB )
Vicinity Map ( 0.93 MB )
Subdivision Review Standards and Planned Building Group (Site Plan) Criteria
Approval of subdivisions are ministerial actions and have no discretionary review criteria. Subdivisions are required to comply with the underlying zoning and with the subdivision regulations in Chapter 26, Article IV. An analysis of the subdivision is provided in the staff report linked above.

Per Section 26-116 of the City Code, the planning commission shall base its decision on the site plan (PBG) in consideration of the extent to which the applicant demonstrates the following criteria have been met. An analysis of these criteria are provided in the staff report linked above.
1. The proposed plan complies with the zoning and development code and is not contrary to the general welfare of the immediate neighborhood and economic prosperity of the city.
2. The application is in substantial compliance with applicable standards set forth in the Architectural and Site Design Manual. 

Comments & Feedback

This case is closed, online commenting is no longer available.
Online comments closed at 12:00 PM MST 12/15/21.
To the Planning Commission: This is a formal comment to address the proposed subdivision project at 4000- 4066 Upham Street, Wheat Ridge Colorado. 80033 I vote NO to this project. My reasons for voting NO to this project is as follows. I have lived on Upham Street for several years and I appreciate that it is very quiet, safe and relatively free of crime; and I want the neighborhood to remain this way. I am tired of witnessing quiet neighborhoods with character in this area being over run by developers who only want to gut the landscape to build big box structures with unimaginative character simply to make a profit in the name of progress. "Gentrification" is nothing but a plan to make established neighborhoods with working class residents too expensive to be afforded by the average person. There is little diversity in gentrified areas, and I do not want to see that policy structure = profit outcome occur on Upham Street. It is necessary to allow people of ALL income levels to be able to afford to live in neighborhoods which are comfortable and safe.
December 15, 2021, 11:40 AM
Mark David Holloman
I live on Upham Street just north of the proposed development. I was an advocate for the previously proposed development, and I find much to advocate for with regards to this new iteration. I appreciate that the units will be owner-occupied, as this will help balance the prevalence of rental units in the area and improve neighborhood stability. I feel the architectural details -- including the front porches and farmhouse aesthetics -- add value and will age well. I'm pleased to see that landscaping and greenspace allowances are well beyond what is required as these are the sorts of elements that improve quality of urban living across the board. I can see how the U-shaped driveway functions in much the same manner as a cul-de-sac, creating a semi-private space for residents to build a safe and inclusive community. The project offers an opportunity for much needed infrastructure improvements. My hope is that the developer and the City can find a way to finance these without resorting to bonds that must be paid by the homeowners in addition to their mortgages. I'm also concerned about the HOA, and hope that the developer will give consideration to creating an organization led primarily by the home-owners. Thank you to everyone who has worked to rebuild this proposal after its disastrous first go. I know the effort required significant expense, time and heart and I very much hope that this project will proceed as proposed without the rancor that characterized the earlier proposal.
December 6, 2021, 3:22 PM
Rhonda Norman
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