Approved - City Council (8-0)

Item 4 - COVID-19 Business Recovery Program

A motion approving funding for a Wheat Ridge Business Recovery Program in response to COVID-19 and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Public Health Order 20-22.
This is a recording of the March 30 City Council meeting.


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Good morning, My name is Cezary Grosfeld and I`m the owner of Pierogies Factory and Mac Cheezary. First I want to thank you City of Wheat Ridge and all people are involved to help us, small businesses. Like we know small businesses are driving force of the economy of entire country and now we suffer the most. In my case our business hit the most I believe, sales drooped 65-75%. I`m still keep open, provide work for my employees, but in this moment I don`t have funds to pay rent for both restaurants, I make enough to pay payroll, food cost, energy. I`m trying use some money to promote on social media that we open for carry out or thru delivery companies. I would like share with you one idea of mine, if city can promote, and remind people, 1-2 week that we are open and choose small businesses. I`m trying to add some special every week so people choose me instead big guys. I`m not saying that big guys like MC Donald's, Burger King and more, are not important, but instead eat 2-3 times there just come once to us. Probably its safer for people buy there because they have drive thru in this moment. But could be great idea to promote-remind people about small businesses after of epidemic will be done. I think there is many option to promote city of Wheat Ridge and businesses. Any ideas and thoughts how to make better city for everybody I will share with you. Any contribution from You will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Sincerely, Cezary and entire team of Pierogies Factory and Mac Cheezary.
March 30, 2020, 11:57 AM
Cezary Grosfeld
Thanks for your work and desire to support small business in this unprecedented time! As a small business owner/landlord the things on my mind are minimizing building expenses, supporting my tenants to minimize their expense and shift their businesses to on-line formats, passing any cost savings to my tenants in the form of rent relief, and relief for lost income, etc. As an event space I made the decision to refund in full any deposits made on events that won't be able to happen. A grant to cover the costs of the refunds due to COVID would be very helpful as those were unexpected costs at a time where I'm not generating any event income. Thanks for all you do.
March 30, 2020, 11:50 AM
Liz Keltner
I support zero interest short term loans for all businesses and grants only for essential businesses. As business revenue is down and therefore sales tax collected by the city is down we cannot risk our city budget necessary for essential services. It is not the responsibility of taxpayers to relieve businesses, however as this is an unprecedented health crisis, businesses related to food, shelter and health are essential and many will need assistance. This is not about helping select businesses stay a float. It is about helping businesses that our community needs to survive this health crisis. For non-essential businesses there is assistance at the county and federal level and the city can provide direction for businesses that have been unable to find these resources themselves. I propose that the city only provide assistance to non-essential businesses after a business shows that they have exhausted other options available to them. This may seem unfair to some business owners but the fact is that there is help already available. Thank you
March 29, 2020, 4:21 AM
Ryan E Mitchell
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