Liquor Licensees’ Festival Permit

Liquor Licensees’ Festival Permit - Senate Bill 21-082 was signed by Governor Polis in 2021 allowing alcohol beverage license holders to hold festivals for alcohol beverage retail activity. To sponsor a festival, an applicant must obtain a permit from the state. C.R.S. § 43-4-404(1)(b)(I) conveys to the Wheat Ridge Liquor Board the authority to require a festival sponsor to obtain a local festival permit in addition to the state permit. Curiously, the statute allows any liquor licensee to apply for a festival permit, whether or not the licensee is located within the City. The Wheat Ridge Liquor Board has made clear its desire to require a local festival permit, under certain restrictions, and is seeking input from City Council on the attached resolution and Festival Permit Application.
 This meeting will be conducted as a virtual meeting and in-person in City Council Chambers (7500 W. 29th Avenue) if allowed to meet in person on that date per COVID-19 restrictions. Provide public comment here on Wheat Ridge Speaks until noon on January 3, 2022 by selecting the agenda item on which you want to comment.    


Item No. 2 - Liquor Licensees’ Festival Permit ( 0.88 MB )

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