Approved - 6 to 1

Item No. 6 - Resolution establishing street width 52nd Ave.

Resolution No. 04-2022 – a resolution establishing the street width for 52nd Avenue from Ward Road to Tabor Street, for Tabor Street from 52nd Avenue to Ridge Road, and for Ridge Road from Tabor Street to the city boundary east of Simms Place
This is a recording of the January 10, 2022 City Council Meeting.


6 - street width ( 3.06 MB )

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I live on the corner of 52nd and Tabor (5210 Tabor) and was not provided a notice of this meeting and I only have 15 minutes to give feedback. We are directly impacted by the work and changes and I was under the impression that all homes were notified that were adjacent to the work. Was the other home in Rainbow Ridge notified?
January 10, 2022, 11:46 AM
Patty Davies
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