Approved - 8 to 0

Item No. 1a - 2022 Vehicle Replacement Purchase

Motion to approve the purchase and payment of 2022 vehicle replacements and additions and the installation of lighting and auxiliary equipment in a total amount not to exceed $862,008
 This is a recording of the January 24, 2022 City Council Meeting. 


Item No. 1a - Vehicle Replacement Purchase ( 0.96 MB )

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It's great to see the City continuing to green its fleet with the purchase of an additional electric vehicle, and I wanted to write in today to say I hope to see an increasing share of electric vehicle purchases in the coming years. It would be great to see our police department begin to pilot electric vehicles--or better yet e-bikes--in their fleet, as several other municipal fleets around the country and some in our state have begun to do (see,, There are also new electric pick-up and van models coming onto the market such as the Ford electric F-150 and e-Transit van, that I hope the City will consider for other fleet needs in the future. I also hope the City will consider institutionalizing its commitment to greening its fleet by adopting an "electric first" purchasing policy as several cities around the country have done (see for example St. Louis' policy adopted last year: or Albuquerque's: Such a policy establishes a clear hierarchy of vehicle types departments must consider (e.g. battery-electric, followed by plug-in hybrid, followed by hybrid, followed by conventional vehicle) and clear exemptions (such as for vehicles where there is not yet a suitable electric model available or for cost containment) and sets clear expectations for departments as the vehicle purchase list is developed each year.
January 24, 2022, 10:27 AM
Kelly Blynn
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