Item No. 2 - Request for Cap to Support Affordable Housing

Request for 2022 Private Activity Bond Cap to Support Affordable Housing
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Hello, We live in a fairly new development to the west of one of the proposed low-income housing sites (site 2). We would like to state our concerns with the proposed project as there is already a low-income housing site near our location that brings a ton of crime to our neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods, which unfortunately we have experienced first-hand numerous times. Not to mention that with all of the new housing projects currently under way, there is not enough road infrastructure for all of the added traffic that the current and proposed new housing projects will add to the one lane roads surrounding this area. The low-income housing sites will reduce the property value of the neighborhoods surrounding and would include ours. This is a huge concern for us we paid a high market value price for our house and chose the location due to the surrounding amenities and neighborhoods that would keep our property value high. We think it is very important to have our opinions heard as we know that most of the families we have talked to in our community strongly oppose this proposal. Please reconsider the location you are choosing to place this low-income housing project. Thank you.
January 24, 2022, 12:29 PM
Shilah Anderson
We are in sore need of affordable housing. I'm for it. HOWEVER, Jeffco, Arvada, and Wheat Ridge have done POOR job planning around the new transit hubs. Dense housing with no improvement to infrastructure shows a genuine lack of critical thinking. Ridge Road is a 2-land road with increasing traffic. The county and municipalities should have included, at minimum, a third lane for left and right-hand turns. Better yet, it should have been widened to 4 lanes. Simply, the governments have shown little regard for the communities and residents, and have displayed interest only in raising tax revenue. This area has quickly become just another unsightly piece of urban sprawl.
January 24, 2022, 12:19 PM
Hello, I live in a neighborhood west of this location and we are against this proposition. Ridge road can not handle traffic to safely accommodate another 300 houses in addition to the houses already being built in the area. There is already a ton of crime and suspicious activity that happens in the area, which we have dealt with first had numerous of times, and I feel bringing more of this population would just add to the problem. Having low income housing I also think would decrease the value of our home, which we paid top dollar for when we moved in. We chose this location for the amenities surrounding the area and the safety and don’t feel like this is going to be a good decision for the neighborhoods that surround this location. Thank you.
January 24, 2022, 12:18 PM
Shilah Anderson
We’ve lived in Skyline since the beginning, 2002, & were told there would b no building where there is building going on due 2 medical waste & the cost inc incurred from its removal but bottom line when it comes 2 $ u make ur own rules & the fact that u were so deceptive in this project speaks volumes. We & the majority of r neighbors will do everything we can 2 oppose & stop what ur trying 2 do. Honestly is there not a cap on the influx of people in such an already densely populated area?!?! We can’t accommodate what there is & u just keep adding & adding STOP!!!!
January 24, 2022, 12:16 PM
Ellisa Rupoli
I have been a resident of Wheat ridge for over 50 years and I’m proud of that. When I bought my home on Nelson Street in skyline I thought it was going to be a safe home and community to raise my kids in and live there until I grew old. With this plan of affordable housing I am afraid that will not be the case. We all know what will come of this community if this plan goes into affect. Please city council members think about if your house was this close to a plan like this. This is going to decrease the value of homes, and when the time comes for us to move out because we have had it with high crime and good knows what else this will bring, we will be selling our homes for pennies on the dollar because who else would want to move in next to a mess. Please end this discussion once and for all so we here in skyline can stop worrying about it and enjoy what a beautiful community we have built in the last 17 years. Please be happy with what this area has become and find an area where it wouldn’t affect people this close to their homes.
January 24, 2022, 12:02 PM
As a homeowner in the neighborhood of the site on 54th Avenue and Miler, I am very concerned about the impact that this housing plan will have on my neighborhood and my property value. The project being proposed backs up directly to the back fences of 10-12 current homes, including mine. The proposed lot is not large enough to adequately support the number of proposed units. The increase in traffic, as well as limited parking areas, will negatively impact the entire neighborhood. With the number of new homes, apartments, and townhouses that are currently being built in this area, has anyone created an impact report for the area schools if this new housing is built as well? The number of children that would most likely come into this area would overload Vanderhoof Elementary, the area home school, with the recent closing of Allendale Elementary. Overcrowded schools are unable to provide the education all of our students deserve. This proposed housing would negatively impact the students in the existing neighborhood as well as the students who would be moving into the new housing area. I have seen some of the comments supporting this proposal, and I agree that affordable housing is a concern, but building on this site will do more harm than good.
January 24, 2022, 11:58 AM
Kristine Sawyer
This is in response to item #2 Affordable Housing - We have lived in Wheat Ridge for over 17 years. The amount of housing off of Ridge and Kipling that has been developed with apartment complexes has already created traffic problems in the area due ti additional increase in residents. The lot East of Kipling between 44th & 48th is a complete eyesore with many homeless already living there. Why not use that lot instead for section 8 housing? It has ease of access, it is walking distance to transportation, jobs, and it is not located near high priced homes. Also, it is very disappointing that no notice was provided to the local residents regarding the development. Why the lack of transparency? Finally, when we purchased our homes, we had to sign a notice that we knew of the occupants of Ridge Home, being sexual deviants as determined by the state of Colorado. Does developing a Section 8 residential housing right next to this facility make any sense? Please take all of these suggestions and questions into consideration.
January 24, 2022, 11:57 AM
Chris Bradley
Ridge Rd is officially classified as a collector road; a “low to moderate capacity road”. Since 2018, 995 family units have been constructed. Quail Ridge Estates -25 single family homes Station 53 - 42 mixed use single family and townhomes Haskin Station - 447 mixed use homes (currently under construction) Hance Station - 115 mixed use homes (currently under construction) Ridge at Ward Station - 43 townhomes Gateway Arvada Ridge Apartments - 293 units All 995 units feed into Ridge Road. The only improvement to Ridge Rd to date, has been between the G-line Ward Station and it’s parking lot. I live in Quail Ridge Estates, which is equally between the G-line Ward Station and the Arvada Ridge Station. For two years I commuted to the airport via the G-line and A-line. When a family member or neighbor was not available to drive me to either station at 5am, I was forced to walk. If I walked East to the Arvada Ridge Station, I was forced to walk in the road between Pierson Ct. and Parfet. Continuing East, I was forced to walk on either the road, or an often muddy or snowy shoulder between Nelson and Miller. Going West from my home to the Ward Station, between Quail St. and Tabor, I was forced to walk on the shoulder which contains missing asphalt resulting in trip hazards and mud and snow. Regardless of whether the units being proposed are low income or single family homes, adding an additional 300 units which will feed into a road that is already woefully lacking in it’s capacity for the current homes, is irresponsible in my opinion, therefore I oppose.
January 24, 2022, 11:56 AM
Joan Lucas-Moore
While I support and fully understand the need for affordable housing, 54th and Miller is not the appropriate location. I have read all the comments and agree with all those who are opposed I really don't have a lot to add to what was already said other than it doesn't feel right about the lack of transparency and the way this is being kept quiet. My perspective is that within less than a mile radius you have very nice housing developments, condominiums and higher end apartment buildings. Adding low end affordable housing right in the middle is not the appropraite location. Like others have said you are going to increase the crime rate in what is a very nice area bordering Wheat Ridge and Arvada. There are already numerous issues with the low end budget hotels on Kipling and I-70 now are just asking to put those identical problems right in the middle of very nice housing. The people proposing and supporting this location probably don't live in our neighborhood but want to make decisions for us, I can't imagine proposing low income housing in the middle of their neighborhood would be appreciated.
January 24, 2022, 11:51 AM
Danny C.
Against! With no one improving the infostructire to accommodate this huge flux of people and traffic, will cause many issues, not to mention safety for all the current residents and surrounding areas. It's a quite and tranquil neighborhood, lots of walkers, dogs, children etc. Not conducive to adding these Huge numbers of folks and unbelievable amount of traffic etc. The decrease in our home values. This will be a huge impact!
January 24, 2022, 11:48 AM
Natalie Woodward
Good morning. I wish to publicly say that this subdivision is already taking on 250-500 new row housing and family condos and some private housing in this small area of land. There is no way another 300 units can be added and expected to thrive in this Arvada Community. There are no shcools being built, Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, Resturants etc. for all these people to attend regarding daily life. This subdivision alrady has a facility housing sex offenders, a government run section 8 low income housing that brings in these issues of drug use, gangs and other problems This is a low income Government housing that has already taken up more police attention than Arvada has and building another 300 units will futher stretch our Police Dept. and add more crime to our Residential neighborhood. This is a residential neighborhood and not a low income neighborhood. This housing will only hurt the residental families that live here and are being drawn into the new builds that are under concstruction. We need to make the Government housing that is already here cleaner and better for the people that live there! Not add more housing! I do not feel comfortable to have my children and other children waiting for the school buses and doing daily activities around the indivduals that this Low Income Housing will bring. I know this because of the experiences I have every day with the other low income housing that are in Arvada/Wheat Ridge area. Thank you for letting us be heard.
January 24, 2022, 11:36 AM
Kellydeen Mckinney
I am a 3rd generation Coloradan. I am very much for affordable housing. However, I agree with comments that this development would be introducing too much density for the neighborhood to support and needs to be more thought out on a community level. Often new development does not adequately provide enough parking for its new residents. New development will often innacurately predict that new residents will utilize public transportation more than they do. To provide enough space for families they either do not give enough green space per family in front of the building or behind and I believe in neighborhoods with a yard per family because I have seen what it provides for my own child’s development. I believe in quality over quantity. I love that Wheat Ridge still has organic growth with independent businesses and not planned housing communities envisioned by developers. Tennyson, where I grew up, has become a wind tunnel with little shade and no parking, and smells like dog piss because there is not enough green space or yards per family. It has a lot more traffic and I now, when I visit my dad in that neighborhood, I avoid streets where these mixed use buildings are and I see how it pushes through-traffic into the surrounding neighborhood making the side streets more dangerous because that is not what they were designed for either. I have seen several of these types of mixed use developments. Mixed use developments and apartments and buildings over 2 floor heights belong downtown where density already exists and there is no commute for residents, not in Wheat Ridge. I do not believe there is enough land for the max units they have mentioned and for this still to be a quality community with 1 family houses and yards and zoned properly. I think 1-family housing with yards and setbacks and space for the cars and people and pets that will actually be in a community is the type of affordable housing and community that we should strive for. Again, quality over quantity. I agree with the sentiment to look at the traffic this would introduce, that the zoning should be single family residences if it is to change and that the schools needed are there and have funding and capacity to accommodate new residents.
January 24, 2022, 11:27 AM
Sarah Healey
Our comment is in regards to Item No.2 - We are STRONGLY against this proposal as our home literally backs to this parcel. We have been here for 17 years and would prefer looking at the current eyesore than have our property values tank. We have worked extremely hard to be able to afford this place that we call home and to feel safe in and around our neighborhood. We all know that crime will follow and the police do not have time or resources to control this anymore. While there may be a social need for low income housing within the City of Wheat Ridge there has to be a more suitable location for this to happen and not next to $800,000+ homes. The infrastructure simply cannot handle this influx based on all of the current building, traffic and crime that has been on the rise in recent years. Please do not ruin our neighborhood further.
January 24, 2022, 11:25 AM
Miles and Wendi Griffith
I support the initiative - anything we can do to provide affordable housing to those who qualify is positive. The rents on the Front Range are out of control. The City and community should be prepared to provide services to help those living there be stable and successful. The fears of increased crime and traffic, etc., are legitimate but the need to do something to address our homeless problem is paramount. New affordable housing will help. Thank you.
January 24, 2022, 11:25 AM
Rose Malone
I am in favor of affordable housing being built in Wheat Ridge. I understand there are concerns, but I hope the city and the community of Wheat Ridge supports this possibility. I do not see how there can be any improvement in our homeless situation, unless more units of housing are built. This is true for all the Front Range, sadly. Stabilized / housed living and an opportunity for children’s improved educational opportunities would help poor people move out of poverty - I am all for it. I am not an immediate neighbor, but we owned in WR for many years and continue to do so. It is a wonderful city and our home values have increased to an absurd degree over time. I don’t know how anyone affords housing these days.
January 24, 2022, 11:18 AM
Rosemary Motisi
Hello, I am letting you know that I OPPOSE this project at this specific location of 54th and Miller Street. I understand the need for affordable housing but this #2 location is not best suited for this high density affordable housing (SECTION 8) project . There are other locations throughout Wheat Ridge and other cities within Jefferson County that are not surrounded by well-established higher end homes and Apartments that can be a much better choice for this kind of project. This area has already been inundated with several other projects buying up very vacant pieces of land to build large apartment complexes and single family homes. The traffic that has come with all of this building is already out of control and another 300 unit complex will significantly add to this current problem not to mention the crime and other issues that we all know follow. Everyone can deny or say that it doesn’t bring these issues along with it but if you look at all the stats from other Section 8 locations you will see that this is the case. We purchased in this area for a reason. We have worked extremely hard to be able to afford a home here with hopes of increased value to give us a better life. This will only drop all property values throughout the area which I don’t think is the goal of any of the community members living in the area and would also not be beneficial for the City. So as you can see there are several different impacts to all residents within this community of the proposed project. I am not surprised that we had to hear about this High Density 300 unit affordable housing (SECTION 8) project through social media instead of through community outreach from our local government representatives. SHAME SHAME SHAME on you City of Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County. So much for being transparent with the residents of your community… sneaking through a project like this under the radar.
January 24, 2022, 10:56 AM
Lance Carpenter
My comment is in regards to Site #2 proposed by Foothills Regional Housing. I am vehemently against this proposed development. Our property backs to a parcel that would need to be rezoned to accomplish this project. When we built our home in 2004 we proactively contacted Wheat Ridge to find out what would be allowed on the property directly behind our home. At that time, I was told that it was currently zoned Agricultural and the only types of businesses that would be allowed would be something like a greenhouse. This put our minds at ease, and we went ahead with the build. Now, 17 years later, we are finding out that there are plans in motion to rezone this property and turn it into high-density low income (Section 8) housing and to make matters worse, potentially a Jefferson County Human Services office. This is extremely detrimental to not only our property values, but our way of life. The additional traffic, parking issues, noise and potential crime, are a sure recipe for economic obsolescence of not only the adjacent properties, but of the entire neighborhood, especially those located on the south side of Skyline Estates. We have all worked hard to be able to live in this wonderful neighborhood and it is not right to have our property values decrease due to something that is out of our control, while the rest of the metro area is gaining equity in their homes. I realize that there is a need for low-income (Section 8) housing in the City of Wheat Ridge, but it does NOT need to be placed right next to a subdivision similar to Skyline with $800,000 homes. A project of this magnitude is absolutely absurd in this location. A SMALL development with limited units located where the old building are along 54th would make more sense due to the current zoning of that parcel, but this planned development is massive. It seems that this project is being hidden and is being quietly pushed through in hopes that the residents of Skyline won’t find out anything about it until it is too late. As elected representatives of our City Council, I would like you to look at yourselves in the mirror and honestly ask yourselves if you would be okay with this development if it were literally in your backyard. If not, I respectfully ask you to disallow this development at this location, and to find a place that would be more suitable.
January 24, 2022, 10:51 AM
Cathy Carpenter
Dear Wheat Ridge city council, We are very concerned about the idea of putting 300 low income housing units in the lot at 54th & Miller Streets. Hopefully this is not a done deal that someone has tried to sneak through. We only heard about it over the weekend. 300 units is way too much to put in this small area. All of the neighbors that we have spoken to on Nelson St. are very, very concerned that this will drive down our property values. Subsidized housing should not be built so close to $800,000.00 + homes. The homes of the neighbors on the East side of Nelson St. will back up to all of these new units. This is surely not something that anyone would have to look at in their back yard. Please know that Skyline estates residents would like a meeting (not virtual) to discuss what is being considered. Thank you, Dale & RhueAnn Squillace 5311 Nelson St. Arvada, Co. 80002 303-422-5597 Home 303-881-0128 Cell
January 24, 2022, 10:18 AM
Dale R & RhueAnn Squillace
My family of 8 live within walking distance of this development proposal and we strongly oppose this measure. I too am concerned with the crime this development may bring as affordable housing locations in the area and specifically near I-70 and Kipling already have a high crime rate. The density is also an issue. More housing for sale in the open market vs. rentals is fine if the projects are valued and sold at market rates. Additional housing options made available in the free market for the area to flourish naturally would be ok however, we do not support an affordable housing option here next door to our community.
January 24, 2022, 10:07 AM
Paul Pelican
Please see the attached 2-page document regarding issues with site #2 of the proposed LIH project at 54th and Miller.
January 24, 2022, 9:15 AM
Joy Wollesen
I and my family live in the quail ridge estates 5336 johnson. which is less than 1 mile from this site. Ridge road cannot support the amount of traffic that is here now. There is no way that it will support the traffic that another 300 homes would bring. It’s irresponsible to build another 300 homes here before the projects that are already going on have been completed. We have to see the impact that has on traffic before we try and cram another 300 homes in here. This will drastically reduce the value of my home. Please, let’s not try and Cram another housing project in this area until the info structure is in place to support it. The amount of new homes that are already being built in this area is TOO MUCH! We cannot propose building another 300 homes in this area. Haskins station is not finished yet and when it is, it will bring with it an enormous traffic issue on Ridge Road. It doesn’t seem that anyone is thinking before these housing projects are being approved. There’s land so “let’s build” no thought of how this will impact the area . How it will forever change the Arvada, Wheat Ridge residents that have called this area home for generations! NO! NO! NO! Please do not do this!
January 23, 2022, 11:13 PM
Jonathan D. Brandow
Affordable housing is good for the community. It provides an opportunity for parents to rear their children in a stable environment.
January 23, 2022, 9:57 PM
Linda Foreman
We do not need another apartment complex in this area! And we definitely do not need a low income housing complex! The low income housing will decrease our property values, increase the crime rate, and increase traffic in the area. There are other areas in Jefferson County that would be more suitable for this and the FRH needs to keep looking at other options and not at the location proposed at 54th and Miller.
January 23, 2022, 8:39 PM
Michelle Stieben
I am very concerned about this project and others. Recent events of the Marshall Fire must have us considering the future with regards to water usage, water drainage and density of urban areas in a dry and drought prone climate. I am requesting that a full study of the water requirements be completed before we approve this project. Without data to show that this project will not, when in connection with other new build projects, does not overwhelm our water supply in the next 10 years. This study should review the water supply with our current level of drought in the state. Please take great care that we not set up our community with a future tragedy such as the Marshal Fire for projects such as these. Thank you, Toby Stilling
January 23, 2022, 7:50 PM
Toby Stilling
As a third generation Colorado native, I am heartsick that so many of our citizens are not able to buy a home in the Denver metro area. My own children are forced to pay excessive rent because even a starter home is out of reach. I believe that it is a moral obligation for our elected officials to support affordable housing initiatives and vote accordingly. I also believe that there should be restrictions concerning individuals and corporations buying multiple houses and keeping them out of the marketplace. A good example of mixed use housing exists on the grounds where I attended high school in the 1960's at 52nd and Federal where homes, apartments and habitat for humanity housing share the complex.
January 23, 2022, 7:05 PM
Janet Swank
As a third generation Colorado native, I am heartsick that so many of our citizens cannot afford to buy a home in the Denver Metro area. My own children are paying excessive rent because they are unable to buy even a starter home. I believe that our elected officials have a moral obligation to support affordable housing. I also believe that private citizens and corporations should not be allowed to buy up multiple homes and keep these properties out of the marketplace. It is extremely vital that our elected officials make this issue a priority and vote accordingly.
January 23, 2022, 6:46 PM
Janet Marie Swank
I would like to express my support for the affordable housing bonds.
January 23, 2022, 6:42 PM
Eric Wilson
Please do not ruin my neighborhood. I have no problem with affordable housing but this type and density is too much for that location to absorb. This feels like a punitive measure for complaining about the disgraceful abandoned buildings that have been left there. You are tanking my home value and being sneaky about doing so. I do not appreciate Wheat Ridge making this an Arvada issue.
January 23, 2022, 5:24 PM
Aaron Nuyt
Hello, We live in a fairly new development to the west of one of the proposed low-income housing sites (site 2). We would like to state our concerns with the proposed project as there is already a low-income housing site near our location that brings a ton of crime to our neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods. Not to mention that with all of the new housing projects currently under way, there is not enough road infrastructure for all of the added traffic that the current and proposed new housing projects will add to the one lane roads surrounding this area. The low-income housing sites will reduce the property value of the neighborhoods surrounding and would include ours. This is a huge concern for us we paid a high market value price for our house and chose the location due to the surrounding amenities and neighborhoods that would keep our property value high. We think it is very important to have our opinions heard as we know that most of the families we have talked to in our community strongly oppose this proposal. We really hope that you will reconsider a different site to propose the low-income housing developments. Thank you
January 23, 2022, 4:25 PM
Shiera Demas
I live less than half a mile from the site#2 location. One of the reasons I bought my houses where I did was to insulate me and my family from the crime and drug use that is associated with low income developments. The American Motel has section 8 housing on two floors, look at a crime map of that area, it's horrible. You are proposing bringing 300 units of low income into areas that people have paid top dollar for with the expectation that their properties will increase in value. Our property values will not rise with the median value but will drop as I and the rest of the neighbor, once again flee the area in search of stability and security. What increase in property tax revenue Wheat Ridge expects to see from this development will be off set by the decrease in value and therefore property taxes of the surrounding area. I have uploaded a crime map of the area. Currently the crime grade is A+, that grade will drop significantly. I strongly oppose this measure.
January 23, 2022, 4:05 PM
Jeff Moore
Thank you for this opportunity to comment on the proposal of the land on Miller St. and 54th ave. 300 low in-come units? That seems a bit to much for the area of land you are talking about! All of the structures in this are are low rise residential home! If I am not mistaken, in order for the area to accommodate 300 units, how talk is this building going to be! Plus parking? Doesn’t fit in this area! You have already let all of the apartment buildings be built out on Ridge road and Miller, it’s that more than enough! Again thank you for your time! Ken Sawyer 5386 Nelson St.
January 22, 2022, 2:16 PM
Ken Sawyer
Please do not build this in our neighborhood. People buying houses upwards of $800,000 should not have low income housing right next door. I am very worried about the impact this will have on crime and safety of our neighborhood.
January 22, 2022, 10:12 AM
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