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 This is a recording of the February 14, 2022 City Council Meeting and Special Study Session. 

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When will the city address the neighborhood traffic problems? I know a study session has been requested by city council and council members have expressed concerns numerous times, but I would like to see some movement by city staff on addressing this issue. I live at 41st and Dover and the amount of cut through traffic just keeps growing. Speeding and not stopping at the the 4-way stop is a problem, but the sheer volume of traffic is my main concern. The majority of traffic on Dover is not neighborhood traffic. Dover (and most other streets in my neighborhood) are narrow with no curbs or sidewalks. People have to walk in the streets. High volume traffic and pedestrians in the street are safety issue. How can cut-through traffic and the volume of traffic be reduced on these neighborhood streets? The NTMP is not the answer. Traffic management has evolved and I'm sure there are better options than NTMP. I'd like to see neighborhood speed limit be reduced to 20mph like they've done in Denver. If the city wants to truly protect its neighborhoods, then working on the current traffic problem will help. People are angry about the traffic (and parking in neighborhoods from high density developments) and when the city doesn't appear to be listening or doing anything about it, that anger spills over into other areas. City staff seems very reluctant to address this traffic problem. I have heard the city manager, the city traffic engineer, and a commander in the police department all say that the speeders live in the neighborhood. This is not helpful. So it's okay to break the law and endanger others if you live in the neighborhood? Am I supposed to go pound on their door and tell them to stop speeding? I guarantee that if they got several $125 tickets, their speeding would stop. City staff has also said that the traffic has always been this bad, but we just notice it because we are all at home because of COVID. Again, this is not helpful (like it's my fault that I'm at home more) and is just an excuse to do nothing. Along with traffic in my neighborhood, speeding is rampant on 44th and 38th. Those flashing speed signs help some, but again enforcement and tickets would do a lot more. The city manager has also said that traffic is a problem everywhere in the Denver area. Again, this is not helpful and just sounds like an excuse. I don't live in Denver and I am concerned with What Ridge where I live and what can be done here in our neighborhoods. I would like the city and police department to be more proactive. This problem is not going to go away by ignoring it and it impacts our quality of life in Wheat Ridge. The city is trying to be proactive on other issues (street racing, nuisance houses, homelessness, Wadsworth, etc.) so they need to do the same on traffic in our neighborhoods. I know the city staff have a lot on their plate and city staff appears to have no idea about how to deal with the neighborhood traffic issues (thus the pushback). Perhaps hiring a consultant for a traffic study would be a start to at least quantify and qualify the problem instead of opinions (e.g. most speeders live in the neighborhood). The city hires consultants for many other issues. In conclusion, I request that the city engage and get moving on my neighborhood traffic problems. Thank you.
February 14, 2022, 12:12 PM
Candace Tomlinson
I protest the re-zoning of the property at 9605 W 38th Ave.
February 14, 2022, 11:38 AM
Allen Wulf
Totally against the rezoning of this property. Mr. Hill can follow guidelines for R-1 zoning to build two homes. Allowing him to build within 5 feet of property lines would destroy the openness of our neighborhood and open the doors for other developers to do the same. Heidi Olson
February 14, 2022, 11:18 AM
Heidi Olson
We are dismayed that, once again, the Wheat Ridge City Council, is attempting to re-engineer our city into a high density housing project. The proposed development on the property at 9605 W 38th Ave is the current challenge. In our neighborhood, we already have an example of 2 houses on one lot, which is south of 38th Ave. and on the west side of Independence. That practice could easily become a trend. People in Wheat Ridge value having one house per lot with an adequate yard that affords privacy and enjoyment. Allen & Patty Wulf February 14, 2022 10:58am
February 14, 2022, 11:00 AM
Allen & Patricia Wulf
I am a 30+ year resident of Wheat Ridge and was drawn to this area because of the rural feel and family friendly neighborhoods. I strongly oppose allowing allowing higher density construction and Mr. Hill can build within R1 zoning and keep a proper setback and spacing between houses at 9605 W 38th Ave. This also keeps property values stable. Please keep higher density construction to more commercial zoned areas and don't destroy the quality of life we have in Wheat Ridge. We do not want houses stuffed in like sardines and only 5 ft to property line is ridiculously tight. This is a top issue of concern to WR residents.
February 14, 2022, 9:33 AM
Shirley Nelson
I am absolutely against rezoning the property on 9605 W 38th . The continual effort from the City Council of Wheat Ridge to "stuff" development into any possible space without thinking about the character of Wheat Ridge baffles me. The council has been told by the voters to stop this behavior, yet they appear to turn a blind eye. It seems with the voters actively petitioning for responsible zoning time and time again the council would start to listen. When you have a neighborhood of primarily single family homes there is a reason for such neighborhood. Some people want to live in a space that has a yard and is not nose to nose with their neighbor. There are spaces in Wheat Ridge that cry out for "big" and close development such as off Kipling from 44th to I-70, why not go there? Please leave our low density areas alone, look around for other spaces
February 14, 2022, 7:08 AM
Elizabeth Veeder
I am Carol Mathews. My address is 3851 Hoyt Street, Wheat Ridge. This property is in my immediate neighborhood. I object to the proposal to rezone this property at 9605 W. 38th Av. on the grounds that it is not acceptable to have a Zoning Change to this property that will allow the developer to build 45% of the property and reduce the setback requirements to 5ft of the property lines. We agree to a division of this property into two building lots with a variance for Jack Hill to build two houses on each lot with in the standards of the R-1 zoning. If he is truly going to build a 3,000 sq ft house on each lot, which he has stated, he can easily build a structure within the 25% limit with off street parking and the setbacks proscribed within the R-1 Zoning of our neighborhood. This proposal will accommodate Jack Hill's request to subdivide this property while maintaining the zoning integrity of our neighborhood. R-1B is not an acceptable option for our neighborhood as was established at the planning commission meeting in December 2021 by testimony of the adjoining property owners and myself. Please give this alternate proposal your careful consideration so that Jack Hill can proceed with his building plans with expediency and there is no further action necessary on the part of our community. Thank You, Carol Mathews
February 13, 2022, 8:17 PM
Carol Anne Mathews
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