Item No. 1 - Satisfying Public Notice Requirement

The City currently publishes notices of public meetings and hearings on the City's website and in the Jeffco Transcript. You have asked me to research the possibility of publishing such notices in the Wheat Ridge Gazette, where newspaper publication is permitted or required. Our office has reviewed this and concludes that, because the Gazette is only published monthly, it does not qualify as a legal publication for notices under the Colorado statute and the City's Charter and Code. Publication in the Gazette is permitted as a supplement to other required means, but not in satisfaction of “publication in a newspaper of general circulation” requirements.
This meeting will be conducted as a VIRTUAL MEETING ONLY, meaning no participants will be at City Hall.  Provide public comment here on Wheat Ridge Speaks until noon on February 14, 2022 by selecting the agenda item on which you want to comment. Refer to the meeting agenda and "how to" document to learn more about participating in the live meeting, or to view the meeting live or later.  . 


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