Item No. 2 - Police Dept. Telephone Reporting Issue

To improve the Wheat Ridge Police Department’s response to criminal calls for service, the organization utilizes sworn police officers to form a Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU). The practice of using officers in this capacity has improved the department’s ability to respond to reports of criminal activity in the City of Wheat Ridge. Using this method of answering citizens’ calls for service, the TRU has been able to reduce the time calls are being held for officers and the number of reports taken by patrol officers in the field. The types of calls handled by tele-serve officers are usually limited to not-in-progress burglaries, motor vehicle thefts, criminal mischief, identity theft, and property theft where no suspect information is available for further follow-up investigation. The practice of using police officers in tele-serve positions has been vital for investigating and documenting property-based crimes that do not require an in-person response by a Wheat Ridge police officer.
 This is a recording of the March 21, 2022, City Council Study Session. 


Police Department Telephone Reporting Unit ( 0.26 MB )

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