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∙ Case: WS-21-08
Major Subdivision at 5807-5823 W. 38th Avenue
Major subdivision for a mixed-use development creating 30 total lots and one (1) tract, consisting of one (1) commercial lot and 29 townhome units, plus common areas for open space, parking, access, and utilities.
Staff Presentation


Staff Report and Proposed Subdivision ( 3.32 MB )
Proposed Subdivision (Exhibit 3, for reference) ( 1.31 MB )
Vicinity Map ( 0.16 MB )
Subdivision Review Standards
Each decision maker will follow the criteria below when voting on this item.
Approval of subdivisions are ministerial actions and have no discretionary review criteria. Subdivisions are required to comply with the underlying zoning and with the subdivision regulations in Chapter 26, Article IV. An analysis of the subdivision is provided in the staff report linked above.
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