Approved - 8-0.

Specific Development Plan (SDP) at 12601 W. 32nd Avenue

Specific Development Plan (SDP) in the Applewood Village Shopping Center Planned Commercial Development (PCD) for a Valvoline Instant Oil Change center. Minor auto repair is a permitted use in the PCD.
This meeting will be conducted as a virtual meeting and in person in City Council Chambers (7500 W. 29th Avenue) if allowed to meet in person on that date per COVID-19 restrictions. Provide public comment here on Wheat Ridge Speaks until noon on April 20 (the day before the meeting) by selecting the agenda item on which you want to comment. 

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Applicant Presentation

Staff Presentation


Staff Report and Proposed Development ( 12.86 MB )
Public comment received 4-11-2022 ( 0.03 MB )
Vicinity Map ( 0.22 MB )
Specific Development Plan Review Criteria
Per Section 26-305 of the City Code, the planning commission shall base their decision in consideration of the extent to which the applicant demonstrates that all of the following criteria have been met. An analysis of these criteria are provided in the staff report linked above.
1. The proposed specific development plan is consistent with the purpose of a planned development as stated in section 26-301 of this article; and
2. The proposed specific development plan is consistent with the design intent or purpose of the approved outline development plan; and
3. The proposed uses indicated in the specific development plan are consistent with the uses approved by the outline development plan; and
4. The site is appropriately designed and is consistent with the development guidelines established in the outline development plan; and
5. Adequate infrastructure/facilities are available to serve the subject property, or the applicant will upgrade and provide such where they do not exist or are under capacity; and
6. The proposed specific development plan is in substantial compliance with the applicable standards set forth in the Architectural and Site Design Manual, Streetscape Design Manual, and other applicable design standards.

Comments & Feedback

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Online comments closed at 12:00 PM MDT 4/20/22.
I urge the City of Wheat Ridge to not allow the development of the Valvoline Instant Oil Change facility on 32nd street. In Let’s Talk Wheat Ridge the community that lives directly adjacent to this location clearly stated that they wanted to see development that encouraged community, walkability, bike-ability, and local businesses. And a change from the past trend car i70 interstate centered businesses. We want businesses that give spaces for community to come together, not just servicing the i70 traffic. Everything about a quick oil change facility owned by a national corporation is counter to all the things that the community expressed they wanted to see in the neighborhood. We are not lacking in places to get oil changes in our area. There are many options and several local options within Wheat Ridge and the nearby municipalities. We are lacking are local business that help bring the community together like local restaurants that offer patio setting to enjoy our beautiful state. We don’t need yet another chain. Further, I have great concern over the flow of traffic on this corner. That corner on 32nd and especially in the turn into Applewood Village has already become a nightmare after the completion of the King Supers gas station and traffic from the Starbucks. With a business that is catered to drive through traffic, I think in this location it will create even greater traffic problem. I greatly feel that this really is the wrong place for this sort of development and the wrong the direction the community stated it wanted.
April 20, 2022, 11:49 AM
Stephanie Smith
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