Approved - by Planning Commission (8-0)

Specific Development Plan at 3432 Clear Creek Drive (Kum & Go)

Case: WZ-19-02
The applicant is requesting approval of a Specific Development Plan in Planning Area 4 of the Clear Creek Crossing Planned Mixed Use Development (PMUD) to construct a Kum & Go gas station and convenience store.


Applicant Presentation

Staff Presentation


Staff Report and Proposed Development Plan ( 36.91 MB )
Specific Development Plan Review Criteria

Per Section 26-305 of the City Code, the planning commission shall base their decision in consideration of the extent to which the applicant demonstrates that all of the following criteria have been met. An analysis of these criteria are provided in the staff report linked above.


1. The proposed specific development plan is consistent with the purpose of a planned development as stated in section 26-301 of this article; and


2. The proposed specific development plan is consistent with the design intent or purpose of the approved outline development plan; and


3. The proposed uses indicated in the specific development plan are consistent with the uses approved by the outline development plan; and


4. The site is appropriately designed and is consistent with the development guidelines established in the outline development plan; and


5. Adequate infrastructure/facilities are available to serve the subject property, or the applicant will upgrade and provide such where they do not exist or are under capacity; and


6. The proposed specific development plan is in substantial compliance with the applicable standards set forth in the Architectural and Site Design Manual, Streetscape Design Manual, and other applicable design standards.

Comments & Feedback

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There's a gaz station across the street, there's another one at the i70 exit at 33 not even a quarter mile away. Why another one in such a nice setting? Can we develop activities that do not cater to car activities?
April 11, 2020, 9:32 PM
Muriel Teeter
I believe that during the shut down that NO decisions be made that effect the long term development of Wheat Ridge--nothing is that important. I believe that study sessions every Monday of each month the city is shut down would be beneficial. A lot of thoughtful discussions can be made during study sessions among council members, but NO long term decisions by Planning, URA, or Council should be made. I believe all decisions effecting how the city is managed during this shut down time should be made by Council members and NOT by staff. Please let the citizens have as great an opportunity to have a voice in citywide, long-term, decisions as any other party involved. Thank you
April 6, 2020, 10:08 AM
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