Approved - 7-0

Specific Development Plan (SDP) at 4025 Clear Creek Drive

Case: WZ-20-01
A Specific Development Plan (SDP) for a Hampton Inn Hotel in the Clear Creek Crossing Planning Mixed Use Development (PMUD), located in Planning Area 7.
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Applicant Presentation

Staff Presentation


Vicinity Map ( 1.02 MB )
Staff Report and Proposed Development Plan ( 37.77 MB )
Specific Development Plan Review Criteria
Per Section 26-305 of the City Code, the planning commission shall base their decision in consideration of the extent to which the applicant demonstrates that all of the following criteria have been met. An analysis of these criteria are provided in the staff report linked above.
1. The proposed specific development plan is consistent with the purpose of a planned development as stated in section 26-301 of this article; and
2. The proposed specific development plan is consistent with the design intent or purpose of the approved outline development plan; and
3. The proposed uses indicated in the specific development plan are consistent with the uses approved by the outline development plan; and
4. The site is appropriately designed and is consistent with the development guidelines established in the outline development plan; and
5. Adequate infrastructure/facilities are available to serve the subject property, or the applicant will upgrade and provide such where they do not exist or are under capacity; and
6. The proposed specific development plan is in substantial compliance with the applicable standards set forth in the Architectural and Site Design Manual, Streetscape Design Manual, and other applicable design standards.

Comments & Feedback

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Online comments closed at 12:00 PM MDT 5/18/22.
While I have no objection to the inclusion of a hotel within the planned development site, I believe the project as a whole is far different from what the developer represented to the community and to the City of Wheat Ridge when initial approval of this development was sought. I attended several focus groups as well as previous public hearings where Evergreen Development indicated its development was going to be an “asset to the community”, “consistent with its surroundings,” and “pedestrian friendly,” among the other community benefits the development would provide. Mr. Carlson told the community he intended to incorporate an old agrarian artifact into the unique “agrarian design” of the project and that the developer would work with Wheat Ridge to enhance the creekside experience for users of the development and the surrounding community. The overall message was that the development would be so aesthetically pleasing that the surrounding community would gravitate to its eateries, sitting areas, walkways and greenspaces and would find that the development provided, in essence, a natural community hub. As the development has taken shape, it is apparent that none of this has materialized. Indeed, it appears unlikely any of it will. Instead, this has become a typical mixed-use development of uninteresting and unimaginative oversized boxes. The enhancement to the creek consists of a large concrete wall, which is visible from the existing Clear Creek multi-use path as a harsh and unnatural barricade. Pedestrian friendly? The trails and walkways that have been constructed to date have no continuous sidewalk running the length of the development and little separation between the bike lane and the road used by cars speeding toward the highway entrance. This project started as a clean slate that could have accommodated a state-of-the-art two-directional path or paths, to be used safely by walkers and non-motorized traffic headed toward the creek or destinations within Clear Creek Crossing. Instead, Evergreen Development has minimized its costs by having Prospect Recreation and Park District squeeze a path through the existing Applewood Golf Course space so that Clear Creek Crossing need not be responsible for the connection from 32nd Ave to approximately 40th Ave. That a path through the golf course is still needed is evidence that Evergreen has failed to provide reasonable “walkability” or connectivity from 32nd Ave to its project and the greenbelt beyond. As for community gathering and sense of place, Clear Creek Crossing has announced that instead of a local, mom and pop owned coffee shop, there will be a Dutch Bros. drive through outlet selling coffee to go – while many may enjoy this chain’s unique drinks, Dutch Bros hardly serves as a community hub, nor does it provide any sense that Clear Creek Crossing is consistent with Wheat Ridge’s agrarian routes. And what is it about the planned Hampton Inn design that the applicant and planning staff have repeatedly stated is consistent with agrarian design? Is it because brown materials are used for the sprawling four story façade? It seems absurd to say that this building has any remote link to Wheat Ridge’s agrarian roots. In short, it is obvious that Wheat Ridge has failed to hold Evergreen accountable to create a project that would provide something unique for the City and an asset to the community. Perhaps the City of Wheat Ridge could learn from the Littleton City Council that developers don’t always rule, that their plans can indeed be rejected and that only with City diligence and vision are developments implemented in a manner that all can be proud of. Sincerely, Rhonda Teitelbaum, Applewood Resident
May 17, 2022, 9:20 AM
Rhonda Teitelbaum
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