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Item No. 1b - 2022 Bridge Repair Project Award

The 2022 Bridge Repair Project consists of replacing the existing expansion devices and repairing a pier cap on the West 44th Avenue bridge over Clear Creek. The expansion device in the middle of the bridge will be eliminated and the bridge expansion devices on each end of the bridge will be replaced.
 This is a recording of the May 23, 2022 City Council Meeting.  


Item No.1b - 2022 Bridge Repair Project Award - ( 0.44 MB )

Comments & Feedback

I would hope the city would consider as part of this repair widening the pedestrian walkway space on this bridge so that it's easier and safer to navigate, and so that city crews can clear snow more easily. Right now, the pedestrian crossing is very narrow, making it difficult and unsafe for people to pass each other particularly if they are on a bike, walking with a stroller, or other mobility device. It also means city crews need to hand shovel this stretch of sidewalk, and if they don't get there in time, it turns into an icy patch until it melts, sometimes for several days, making it basically impassable. I hope you will consider moving the railings or otherwise widening the sidewalks here as part of this project. Thank you.
May 23, 2022, 9:26 AM
Kelly Blynn
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