Item 4a - Business Stabilization Program Update

This agenda item will be discussed during Elected Officials' Reports. There is no staff memo for this item, but public comment is welcome.
This is a recording of the April 20 City Council study session.

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My name is Celeste and I own Wholeheartedly Well-being, a small massage therapy biz in Wheat Ridge.due to the nature of my work (in person and in close proximity with my clients in a small space) I had to close my doors on March 16th. My business is very young, 1 year old, so I have been working very hard at growing my client base and making a name of myself in the community. COVID19 pandemic has seriously stopped my momentum, and I am wondering now if I’ll be able to come back to my practice, I also know that my peers with whom I share office space are in a very similar situation, we are all in Wheat Ridge. I was not aware that the city of Wheat Ridge offered grants through this situation, I only found out because of a colleague who also owns a business in Wheat Ridge and gave me info about these grants, but by then it was too late and the grants were gone. I am asking you to consider setting up another set of grants for the small businesses of Wheat Ridge and also to think about strategies and ways to make it easier for us small businesses to stay afloat. Thank you for your time and efforts to help. Celeste Ferro
April 20, 2020, 11:37 AM
Celeste Ferro
Hello! My name is Anna and I own a small business in Wheat Ridge. I was so excited to hear about the grant being offered to sustain small business owners through these hard times. However, I came to find out that I would need a Wheat Ridge business license in order to apply. I strongly believe in compliance with all state and county requirements, and had I known I would have been sure to apply for a license when I opened my practice. As such, I never received a notice or any form of communication about this requirement (and all of my colleagues in Wheat Ridge also had never heard of this requirement) and so do not hold a current license. As I know the application period has ended and I do not hold a current license for Wheat Ridge I ask that city council start a second round of grant funding without the requirement to have a current license, but rather that they have an application in process. I also ask for more funding for the second round of grants as I know there was a large pool of applicants for the first round and expect there to be many more with the second round. As a single mom with two young children, this business is my sole income. As I strongly believe in social isolation and as DORA has required me to not practice in person, I have no means of making an income. Grants like this will allow me to pay my rent, pay for food for my family, and ensure I will be able to resume my practice after this isolation ends. And even when the isolation is lifted, I will be able to work minimally as I now have two young children at home (one of whom is immunocompromised) for which I have to provide daily care. I will not be able to take them to work with me because of the risk of contamination, and so I will be out of work much longer than other colleagues as I do not have another adult in the house with which to leave them. Thank you for your consideration and thank you for taking care of small business owners! anna francis, prickly mermaid acupuncture and herbs
April 20, 2020, 10:46 AM
anna francis
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