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8 items Mon, Apr 24, 2023 at 6:30pm
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∙ Case: WPA-22-01
Item No. 3 - Adoption of the 44th Avenue Subarea Plan
The 44th Avenue Subarea Plan outlines a 20-year vision for the area and is based on twelve months of input from Wheat Ridge businesses, organizations and community members. This plan addresses the need to develop comprehensive strategies that 1) promote revitalization and attract investment to the W. 44th Avenue corridor and 2) enhance the adjacent neighborhoods and the City as a whole. The plan reflects and builds upon input from the 2019 Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy and from the ongoing Let’s Talk resident engagement program. *The complete content for this meeting, including meeting information, agenda, all agenda items, public right to speak and Council Action Form will be available by Friday, April 21.*


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