City Council Meeting
City Council Meeting
13 items Mon, Aug 28, 2023 at 6:30pm
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Item No. 1f - Motion re: asphalt for Rec. Ctr. Repair
A contract for the repair of the Recreation Center parking lot was approved by City Council in June 2023 in the amount of $485,900.72 plus a staff-managed contingency of $48,500 for a total not-to-exceed contract amount of $534,400.72. Staff is requesting that the contingency amount be increased by an additional $55,000 to account for additional work on the project that has been identified since contract award. Specifically, the project would install additional ADA-accessible parking stalls, enhanced striping for electrical vehicle parking, and drainage improvements along the rear access road to the facility. This would increase the total not-to-exceed amount of the contract to $589,400.72.


Item No. 1f - Motion re asphalt for Rec Ctr lot repair ( 1.48 MB )
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