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Aug 20, 2020 7:00 pm

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Code Amendment - Massage Businesses
Approved - Recommended approval 7-0

Code Amendment - Massage Businesses

Case: ZOA-20-05
The City Council recently approved an extensive revision of the system for the regulation and licensing of the practice of massage in the City. That change to the licensing framework is contained in Chapter 11 of the Code of Laws (Licenses and Permits). The changes to that chapter include revising the terminology of the regulated activities to use the more inclusive term “massage business,” rather than “massage parlor,” “massage therapist” or “massage therapy center.” These terms are also used in Chapter 26 in the various use charts and for definitional purposes, so this ordinance updates the references in Chapter 26 to match the new terminology now used in Chapter 11.
This meeting will be conducted as a virtual meeting, meaning no participant will be at City Hall.  Provide public comment here on Wheat Ridge Speaks until noon on August 19 (the day before the meeting) by selecting the agenda item on which you want to comment.  Refer to the meeting agenda and "how to" document to learn more about participating in the live meeting or to view the meeting live or later.



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